Early Childhood Education Professional Development Keynote/ Child Welfare & Foster Care Training/ Head Start Motivational Speakers & Trainers

The A+ Team is lead by former Head Start student Dr. Adolph Brown, and has successfully consulted with over 100 Head Start programs across the nation.  As a proud product of Head Start, a clinical & educational psychologist, a tenured full professor, and retired university dean, Dr. Brown conitunes to give back as a much sought after early childhood education professional development speaker and trainer.  Dr. Brown shares his triumphant journey as a Head Start student with inspiring stories and hilarious anecdotes coupled with gems of early childhood, parenting, and professional development insights.

The A+ Team is your Early Childhood Professional Development Partner.  We provide education, advice and support for parents and teachers of young children.  Dr. Adolph Brown and his team of a cadre of early childhood education professional presenters, speakers, and trainers offer inspirational & motivational preschool staff development workshops, environment and curriculum planning, private one-on-one "coaching" for parents, child observations/assessments, parent education workshops, and public speaking on child-related topics of the following:


  • Child Development Birth to 8
  • Behavior, Discipline, and Guidance
  • Temperament and High Sensitivity
  • Identifying Special Needs in Young Children
  • Choosing a Preschool /Preschool Education
  • Parent & Family Engagment
  • Father Involvement
  • Behavior Management
  • Improving Child Welfare Outcomes
  • Special Needs
  • Parenting Skills
  • Foster Care
  • Classroom Management 
  • Professional Excellence


Dr. Adolph Brown provides consulting and professional development services to early childhood programs such as Head Start (a program he attended when it was first established), Migrant & Season Head Start, American Indian & Alaskan Native Head Start, public preschool and transitional kindergarten.  Dr. Brown specializes in effective teaching strategies for children and demonstrates the importance of children's early learning.  Part of our mission is to help early childhood programs deliver high quality educational services using culturally responsive teachers who use a systemic approach to teaching.  

Dr. Adolph Brown was a former Head Start student.   Doc was considered “At-Risk...

Doc Head Start

...of SUCCESS!"

Doc Head Start

The Outome of An Early Childhood Education...


When the A+ Team is by your side, your program is able to maintain efficiency and effectiveness.  Dr. Brown in conjunction with his ealry childhood colleagues present inspirational workshops with music, motivation and fun designed to encourage developmentally appropriate learning experences for young children.  

Our team has over fifty years of combined experience of EXCELLENCE in Head Start, Child Welfare and Early Childhood Education programming in all components:



DocandMom NationalHeadStart

Dr. Adolph Brown (Dr. Dad) & his mother Virginia Brown present at the National Head Start Association Convention