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When it's all on the line & you need someone who delivers & hits a HOMERUN each & every time call Doc!  Finally, Research, Practicality, Engagement, Fun, & Common Sense in ONE place. Looking for bright ideas on how to deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences, professional development, or student programs?   That’s Where Dr. Brown Shines.  As a veteran educator, researcher, & humorist, Dr. Adolph Brown will leave your people smarter & happier.  Don’t learn the hard way.  "There is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXCELLENCE or EXPERIENCE."  

Call The U.S. Secretary of Inspiration™!

Dr. Brown comes from humble & TROUBLED inner-city beginnings coupled with rural FARMING lessons from his granddad.

He has had a life of knockdowns but has perservered.  He is now a “showman with substance."  He has set a lofty standard in speaking & consulting with organizations around the world.  For over two decades, leading Corporate & Educational Consultant & Marquee Speaker, Dr. Adolph Brown has been helping inform and transform organizations through custom solutions grounded in evidence-based, time-tested success and insights.  He specializes in transforming “whiners to workers,” as a customer service speaker, "teachers to reachers," as a culturally responsive master teacher, "bullies to buddies," as a youth motivational speaker, "naysayers to supporters" as a family & community engagement speaker , "walls to bridges," as a diversity & inclusion speaker, "low-income to high outcomes," as a Title I speaker,  "victims to victors" as the best of the best leadership speakers by refocusing negative energy.  Having lived a life from "the outhouse to the White House," Dr. Adolph Brown will surely 'bring down the house.' We can provide ALL the speakers for your conference!  


Dr. Adolph Brown is the CEO @

www.BizEdAuthority.com & www.DocAndFriends.com 

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All Content is Data-Driven, Evidence-Based (EBP) & CEU Professional Standards Approved


    Doc shows how positive attitude & growth mindset promote customer loyalty, performance & successful unified teams!


    Doc instills a diverse range of essential soft skills required for success in life and work. (Championship Habits™)

  • INSPIRING TEACHER KEYNOTES & Professional Development

    Doc inspires teachers to connect to their students, their students to each other, and everyone to the subject being studied.


    An Uplifting & Engaging experience for youth! See noticeable improvement in character related behavior & achievement motivation.

    PARENTING university SPEAKER™

    Doc "Educates & Elevates™" parents to create a "Culture of Excellence" in the home where children can thrive personally, socially & academically.



Doc Appointed Visiting Professor at

Faculty Enrichment & Student Success Symposia

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