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Dr. Adolph Brown has been peer-reviewed, nominated, and rated as a top-ranked educator and trainer from America's best colleges and universities. He is in the top 1% of world-class scholar teachers based on teaching performance, teaching awards, published evaluations, newspaper write-ups, and other sources. He is attributed the highest level of competence in professional development and education.  As a notable scholar and leading practitioner in the field, his lectures are often described as that once-in-a-lifetime experience.  As a Master Teacher Speaker, Dr. Brown is a gifted scholar, explainer, enthusiast, communicator, passionate educator, higher education speaker & lecturer, K-12 Education & Teacher trainer, a "Game Changer" – and yes, an "edu-tainer." His pedagogical ideas and concepts pertaining to "edu-tainment" are a recognized distincitive body of knowledge for teaching in K- 12 education & teacher training, community colleges and 4 year institutions, as well as in corporate professional development around the world.  He thoroughly enjoys his journey of Teaching & Learning Excellence with a focus on Servant Leadership, Classroom Management  and Diversity & Inclusion.  Dr. Brown continues to love spreading positively infectious and life-altering messages and challenges through accepting invitations as a keynote speaker for corporate professional development & training, staff & teacher inservices, opening convocations, back to school kick-offs, and educator professional development. 

For the purpose of entrance into the Academy of Master Teachers, it is important that one have a clear understanding of what is meant by “Master Teacher.” In recent years there have been a number of attempts by medical educators, most recently by the Group on Educational Affairs, to define “educational scholarship.” In forming the educational portfolio, they have used the GEA consensus conference guidelines, as well as definitions of scholarship outlined by Glassick et. al. in “Scholarship Assessed: Evaluation of the Professoriate” to come with a definition of a Master Teacher.

USC Upstate Children in Crisis Conference
USC Upstate Children in Crisis Conference
USC Upstate Children in Crisis Conference
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What a Master Teacher Does: (George Couros, 2010)

1. Connects with students first

2. Teaches students first and curriculum second

3. Ensures that they draw relevance to curriculum

4. Works with students to develop a love of learning

5. Embodies lifelong learning

6. Focuses on learning goals as opposed to performance goals

7. Ensures that "character education" is an essential part of learning

8. Passionate about the content they teach

9. A master teacher is a "school teacher" as opposed to a "classroom teacher"

10. Communicates openly, honestly, and clearly across all lines


Qualifications of a Master Teacher:

Master Teacher has achieved the rank of and promotion to tenure on a tenure-track appointment and has the promoted rank of full instructor and/or professor.

A Master Teacher has disseminated educational analyses both quantitatively and qualitatively reliable and valid in peer-reviewed, scholarly, and public publications.

A Master Teacher has served in multiple capacities and on multiple levels in the education arena from k-12 to post secondary positions.

Master Teacher has clear, realistic and important goals that reflect the needs of the profession, society, learners and other faculty.

Master Teacher  is prepared to teach effectively, and takes advantage of new ways to deal with challenging issues.

Master Teacher  uses appropriate methods to teach or design an educational program, gets others meaningfully involved, and designs curriculum consistent with the current literature in the content area and in teaching.

Master Teacher employs educational strategies that can serve as a model for others. Goals are outlined. Results are publishable or published.

Master Teacher  formally shares lessons learned or enduring materials with peers at the local, regional, or national level.

Master Teacher  acts as a peer reviewer for others on educational grants, journals, curriculum or awards.

Master Teacher  uses feedback from learners and peers to modify teaching materials, leadership style, or educational materials.

Master Teacher  provides leadership of educational programs, supplying vision and direction while incorporating effective group processes to achieve desired programmatic goals effectively and efficiently.

A Master Teacher serves the educational community through active participation in and contribution to local, regional, national, and international educational organizations.

Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) (Brown & McIntyre, 1993)

Creation of a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in the classroom

Retention of control in the classroom

Presentation of work in a way that interests and motivates

Providing conditions so that pupils understand the work

Making clear what pupils are to do and achieve

Judging what can be expected of a pupil

Helping pupils with difficulties

Encouraging pupils to raise expectations of themselves

Development of personal mature relationships with pupils

Teachers' personal talents

Considering how planning interacts with the management of classes and lessons

The management of lesson introductions

Managing question and answer sessions

Building the confidence and trust of pupils



A leading educator who became an educator who leads... Doc annually leading ceremonial occasions with the University Mace of Leadership, Excellence, Dignity, and Character.