AVID CHARACTER U™ A Character Education College Ready & Student Leadership program - Leadership & Character Education Speakers Series


A 21st Century Character Education College Readiness Program  

College laughingCharacter U™ is a middle school & high school assembly resource developed for college-bound students for improving individual character, academic excellence, personal achievement and true citizenship. Students are given character development opportunities through immersion in issues of motivation, self-efficacy, focus, communication, commitment, respect, responsibility, conflict resolution, time management and team building with College Campus Speakers, University Keynote Speaker, MLK Speaker and Professor Dr. Adolph Brown & colleagues.

Dr. Brown was the first in his low-income and inner-city family to graduate from high school and college.  He understands the unique and inherent challenges of these upwardly mobile transitions both as a former AVID program student, as a university faculty mentor of TRIO programs participants, and now as one of the most frequently invited TRIO Program Speakers & AVID Program Guest Speaker.   Dr. Brown also explores the hidden trials and potential triumphs as students progress through the academic pipeline from middle school through college.  

Character U™ is significantly unique from most programs in that students are not taught to exhibit character because they are being externally rewarded, but because they have intrinsic motivation for character traits for the experience of goodness…either emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically.

Student Goals:

The overarching goals of engaging “students as whole persons” to be effective and moral persons include:

Character U docspeaks

• Possess Self-control
• Possess problem-solving skills
• Take responsibility for their personal health & well-being
• Develop effective social relationships
• Be caring individuals
• Understand how society works
• Develop good character
• Make sound moral decisions

Character U Faculty

Faculty Goals:

Researchers have also found that the most frequently mentioned form of instruction regarding moral and character education among faculty was through modeling. Teaching faculty who possess such character and morals are in a grand position to positively impact their students regarding the same.


Upon completion of Character U™, middle & high school students will be able to judge what is right, care deeply about what is right, and then do what they believe to be right EVEN in the face of pressure from peers, situations, and circumstances and temptation from within.