Community College Student Success Higher Education Keynote Speakers: Center for Academic Retention & Enrichment Services (CARES™) with Soft Skills Training Book

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The Center for Academic Retention & Enrichment Services (CARES™) under the supervision of Community College keynote speaker and workplace skills motivational speaker Dr. Adolph Brown can be established on your campus to provide academic support programming and services to improve the academic success of students enrolled at Community Colleges.   The Center for Academic Retention and Enrichment Services “CARES™” about the whole student and exists to partner with them in reaching their academic goals as well as workforce development.  

Goals of CARES™:

  1. Intrusive Counseling:  Providing support to the whole student, with attention to life situations outside of the classroom.   Dr. Brown & Associates will demonstrate a model of  24-hour on call for students as well as available for student meetings off-campus.  This sense of availability and connection increases trust and openness with students;

  2. Enrich 21st Century Life Skills to increase student success via a one-hour course  -Championship Habits for students on Academic Probation.  Championship Habits help the student identify the barriers to their student success and to help the student avoid Academic Suspension;

  3. Decrease the number of students being academically dismissed from Community Colleges;

  4. Promote academic excellence with students and faculty Real Talk seminar series;

  5. Improve timely matriculation, and

  6. Receive a “FRESH START™” certificate of completion after meeting the requirements of CARES™.

Target Population:

Graduate in Cap and Gown and DiplomaCARES™ exists to increase retention and graduation rates by enriching the academic progression of academically high-risk students.  CARES™ assists students with identifying and overcoming personal concerns, academic deficiencies and life difficulties that could continue to impair their chances of succeeding in college, while promoting the development of good study habits, self-management, and decision-making skills that increase retention and graduation rates for the students of Community Colleges.

Cost Considerations:

Please email us at for more information on this innovatively successful program and required workforce career develeopment training book.


Required Text for Course:

Championship Habits

21st Century Workplace Skills Book

Championship Habits Book