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Doc's megawatt smile is infectious. He was like steroids for the attitudes of our students and faculty. His visit was a truly heartwarming experience for all. Thanks for raising the bar.

Livingstone College

The students really hear and listen to your messages. You have a gift for what you do. You captivated us ALL. It was money and time well spent. I recommend that ALL students and educators in America make the opportunity to hear your richly detailed presentations. We are honored you were able to fit us into your schedule.

Pinellas County Schools
Pinellas Co., Florida

You are truly a jet-setter. You wooed us with your optimism, knowledge, and empathy. Thank you for guiding us to more self-awareness and appreciation. You created a ripple effect of teamwork and increased productivity and in our organization.

Nippon Hiroshi
Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Brown is a most excellent resource for our programs. He is committed to impeccable delivery with emphasis on sincerity and warmth toward his audiences. We will continue to welcome you back for years to come.

Practical Parent Partnerships
Midwestern Region

You were personally mentioned more than any other presenter, and yours was one of the highest-rated sessions in the entire conference. You did a terrific job! If you have the opportunity to book Adolph Brown as a speaker, I strongly recommend you do so.

Mary Canty Merrill, Ph.D.
Organizational Specialist
Midwest Region

Powerful! I've been to a dozen programs on the same topic and none were as clear. Doc was not just entertaining -he made sense. Doc Brown will knock your socks off. Everyone should hear him.

Diversity Education Forum
Northern Virginia Community College Faculty

2 Days wasn't nearly enough time to absorb the wealth and breath of knowledge you imparted. I have NEVER seen our staff so excited to attend 2 days of lecture. We apologize for the increase of participants on day 2, it appears that the good news of your arrival spread quickly. We look forward to seeing you again later this year. It was time and resources well spent.

Cambridgeshire, England

You are a 'People Expert!' You have the keen ability to anticipate what the audience expects. We absolutely love your creative spirit.

Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Brown answers the mail! Thanks for freeing us from the BOX. You Rock!

Mr. Wardell
Lincoln Life