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A profound, resounding, and meaningful pick-me up! Dr. Brown's wise insights and practical ideas will transform millions.

A Maryland Parent

My sincere thanks for the seminar that taught us all how to practice
love, especially for thy neighbor. Although his talk had many outstanding qualities, love was the distinguishing feature from other remarkable presentations I have seen. I left feeling upbeat as well as a new feeling of "upbuilt." It is my hope that he continues his enlightening talks to bring unity to groups. He is a fine example of high morals and exemplary behavior.

Tennessee Education Association

As someone who can be fairly cynical about speakers, I raucously cheered you. You shared an amazing message of hope. It is obvious that you are quite the problem-solver and troubleshooter. You turbo-charged our meeting. We loved your energy and passion. Thank you for showing us how laughter and love of life remains through any trial. Simply great!

Susie Dudley, Director HR

Doc makes you rediscover emotions you forgot you had.

18th Annual National Youth At-Risk Conference
Savannah, GA

Your much needed and well received message was spoken eloquently. You are sharp, funny, and hip, but at dinner the day before your talk we discovered that you are equally serious, sweet, and sincere. One of our educators described you best. She said "Dr. Adolph Brown is what I dreamed I could be." MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Glenbard School Division
Glen Ellyn, IL

Doc Brown is an inspiring and excellent enthusiastic scholar.

Pamela Woods
Brookline, MA

Adolph gives "voice" to the things that we all know need to be said to today's youth and parents, but were afraid to say.

Vidalia City Schools
Vidalia, GA

You folks are easy to work with and show an excellent model for good relations. It is a real pleasure to do business with you and it keeps us coming back.

Kentucky Education Association

Adolph was real, engaging to every participant, and so passionate about his message that it was contagious. Thank you for personally reviewing our answers and comments to the Pre-Program questionnaire. Today's program was fantastic and inspiring. Adolph Brown is in a class by himself.

Frances Othmer
Conference Planner

Adolph provided insights that I have not found anywhere else. I didn't want it to end! It had me on the edge of my seat.

Wendy Ham
Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Adolph Brown is, without a doubt, astounding. His deliverance is par excellence. I could have easily sat and listened to another 2 hours. Thank you for this excellent learning opportunity.

Carl Peters
Austin, Texas

Doc is hip and his spirit is sincere as he shares personal stories of his humble beginnings. Many of us experienced personal breakthroughs. You have an ability to have an instant connection to others. You are my Humble Hero!

Nelson Angier
Emory University

A stunning presentation by a brilliant man.

Ann Mason
Pittsburgh, PA

These are some of the comments from the Urban Superintendents Conference of America:
"Creme De la creme." "You have the gifts to change the hearts and minds of skeptical people." "Far from a band aid." "No one does it better!" "I can't say enough positive things about Adolph's presentation." "I look forward to bringing him to our school district." "The best speaker we have had in many years." "He definitely understands the issues and provides practical strategies to work on them." "A MUST for ALL school divisions!

Dr. Fred Bateman
The Urban Superintendents Conference of America
Charleston, South Carolina

Young or old, Doc gives eminently practical advice to empower all to do their very best! Your spirit was sincere and it was obvious you share from the heart. You really jump-started us-and people can't stop talking.

Pamela Sutton
Chicago, IL