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This is my 11X time hearing Dr. Adolph Brown speak. Call me a 'groupie.' I am still moved to tears of laughter and joy at his positive talks, wit, insight, and unique humor. We have him back as often as we can.

The National Medical Association

What a day! Your side-splitting humor and inspiration delighted and enriched us all. It's going to be A GREAT DAY!

Childcare Network, NYC

You changed the lives of our students! Never have I seen a speaker capture both the hearts and minds of so many students at one time. What you did was incredible. What you said was phenomenal! We will see you again next year.

Loudon County Public Schools

Doc is a great tool for helping educators measure learning and raise student achievement. Your interventions work! Our students are still chanting "I'll never give up!

Thomas A. Edison High School
Jamaica, NY

You literally have to fasten your seat belt when Adolph presents. His rambunctious and high energy style super-charges audiences while challenging everyone to be more creative, innovative, and practical in everyday service delivery.

Community College Association

Something may be wrong with Dr. Brown. Why is he always so happy? And since when can psychology professors prescribe their own medications? He always walks with pep in his step and has a kind word for all. Am I working him hard enough? I can't believe he would want to share his messages worldwide. We are thankful for Dr. Brown. He makes learning fun as it should be.

University President

Thanks for your humor skills for team building, customer service, and stress management. Our prayers were answered!

Market Management

Thank you for assisting us in understanding all dimensions of diversity and their impact on the work environment. You pushed us beyond our comfort zones to explore our own biases and assumptions. Bridges were indeed formed!

LTJG Commander K. Moore
United States Coast Guard

Your charisma and oratorical gifts were well-received. You provided many deep and probing insights. Your talk was intriguing and cogent, full of concrete examples. We appreciated your intelligent style without being overly academic.

State of Today's Youth Address
Honorable Judge Greg Mathis

Thank you for reminding us that people from adverse environments do and can succeed. I will forever remember that 'doctors save lives and teachers build them.' I was most impressed to see one of my students denounce his gang affiliation, by giving you his gang colored bandanna. You are an advocate for all things good! We needed you Dr. Brown!

Roanoke Public Schools

Adolph helped us reclaim our dedication to "Wellness." Thank you for helping us to celebrate and renew our mission through laughter and inspiration. You have re-inspired our energy and uplifted our spirits.

Patient First—Primary and Urgent Health Care

Adolph is the most thought-provoking, humorous, and empowering speaker we have ever had in my 30 years of teaching. He is an exceedingly bright guy who helped us not take ourselves too seriously and focus on the mission at hand.

Teach for America

Thank you for taking us through the challenges faced by today's families striving to lead healthy and productive lives. You inevitably captured both the hearts and minds of the congregation.

Dr. M. Whitaker
New Bethel Baptist Church

Top tier speaker and trainer. Adolph didn't get voted best in the business by being boring. He is equally kind as he is funny.

Randolph Johnson
Speak 4 Life

Doc is to-die-for. We love his conversational tone and how he combines jokes with serious topics.

Florida Head Start Association