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It was a spellbinding experience. Your story is not only about the human spirit, it was really about all of us. We all want to see you again.

Cheryl Townsend Bunting
Parent Involvement Specialist, NPS
Department of Compensatory Education Programs Parent University

I have known and worked with Adolph Brown as a consultant and facilitator many times over the past 10 years. What strikes me the most is Adolph's depth of connection with all staff - hard-bitten executives as well as neophyte employees. My team recently used Adolph as a consultant for teambuilding and we always found Adolph to be, foremost, a good listener. He is sensitive to the needs of both the organization and the individuals that comprise it. The improvement in our employees' attitudes and performance is simply stunning.

Dollar General Corporation

Many lives were saved and changed by the messages you bring.


What a great motivational speaker you are. I can't remember the last time I have relieved so much stress in one environment. You were sensational. I'm sure that your family (children) will develop as well as you have in your life and time. When I told my family about you and what I said to you they couldn't stop laughing. I would have never believed that it was you but, after I was introduced to you I still did not judge you from what you were wearing. I honestly thought you were a kid just hanging out because you had nothing better to do. I just thought that maybe your mother could have feed you before she put out the banquet food. LOL. Anyways keep doing what you do because you do it so well. Have a blessed day.

LaDonna G. Campbell
West Virginia Education Association

Doc was captivating, inspiring and effective. His customized presentation was fast-paced, interactive and definitely intelligent and right on target

Secondary School Principals Association

...Adolph was thoroughly engaged and completely committed to the consultation he provided for us. People who were previously unhappy and disenfranchised were empowered, charged for positive action, and began taking responsibility for the success of the organization. He brought experience, heart, and wisdom to our division. I would use Adolph again to build any team that I was a part of.

Chad McCaskill
Camden County Public School System

Dr. Brown, many thanks for the marvelous workshops you conduct for us year after year.......The feedback for your seminar was excellent. Your evaluation score was a 5 out of 5. Here are just a few of the many positive comments you received: "Has a way of making everyone feel special." "Doc is better than prozac." "Doc is out of his mind for all that is GOOD!" "I am a true fan of the Doc. He really changes lives.

VA Department of Health
HIV/AIDS Street Outreach

Like most teachers, I approached the teacher's orientation with all the excitement of a tax audit. Thank you for the awe-inspiring orientation.You re-oriented us to the meaning of orientation.

Mary Ellis Frazier
Dekalb County School District

You were the coolest speaker I have ever seen. You were totally awesome! I wish I could hear you again and again.

SAFE Ambassadors
Orlando, Florida

One-of-a kind presenter! Fabulously off the charts. We had an amazing meeting due in part to your high energy, knowledge base, and enthusiasm coupled with positive audience interaction. Thanks for coming and leaving the positive attitude with us!

Cordia Stinebaugh
Burger King Corporation

Our students have not stopped talking about your message..................Our teachers and staff have reported positive changes in the students' attitudes and behaviors during your presentation and afterwards. We look forward to an on-going partnership with you to help us continually challenge, support, encourage, and inspire every student.

Memphis Public Schools
Memphis, Tennessee

Wow! We absolutely adored your address to our teachers, but your presentation to our students was far better than anything we could have imagined! You were better than the best assembly speaker we have ever had. Kudos to you, what you do AND HOW YOU DO IT!" (Please consider coming back for our community leaders and parents).

Dade County Public Schools
Miami, Florida

Adolph puts on a powerful presentation. You engaged us right from the get go. It was great that you were able to reach such a diverse group. I still see your 'smiles' on campus. Call Adolph if you want to improve morale and laugh while learning. Thanks for the fireworks.

Virginia Commonwealth University
Diversity Access Programs
Health Careers/Education and Special Services for Students

DON'T WAIT! He is unforgettable!...This was a quote I saw on one of your pages. I couldn't agree more. Dr. Brown, you have no idea how much I enjoyed your presentation. Words can not describe how powerful of a speaker you are. I only wish that everyone I know could have heard what I heard at the Richmond Convention Center. You really reached me on a personal level. My only regret is that I didn't bring a notebook and pen. From the awesome story of how you and your wife met, to your seven wonderful children, to all your stories of obstacles growing up, to the way you talked about your mother, I will never forget it. I've never seen anyone be in a room with young adults, students, teachers, officials, black people, white people, people of all nationalities, and still be able to talk to them all and everyone have the same understanding. It was like we all could relate to you in some form or fashion. I didn't mean to bite your ear off (eyes, considering your reading this). I know your in-box is full of messages just like mine from all over the world. With everything that I said, I basically just wanted to say THANK-YOU. PS May God continue to bless you and your family. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers!

LiMary Cook
Fredericksburg, Virginia

I've heard others say that organizations need an Adolph Brown kind of speaker. It was great to finally meet you. You have the kind of insight that is not retrieved from academics. Your ability to weave the goals of our organization throughout your talk was brilliant. Thank you for the 'can-do' message and firing us up.

Karen Petersen, Training Manager
Employment Services Management