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I listen to Round Won everyday on my way to work. It has certainly helped motivate me to inspire my staff and students

Sean Perry 
North Hollywood High School
Hollywood, California

Undeniably phenomenal. He had 5,000+ students mesmerized. Adolph got their attention and kept IT! Afterwards, they were screaming for a repeat performance. Thanks for coming back for our parents-they are now eager and ready to get and stay involved! You're the greatest!

Petersburg Public Schools

Exquisite presentation. You captivated us all. Thanks for wowing us!

Alabama Association of School Boards

When you meet Adolph you are intellectually and emotionally affected in many positive ways.

Andrew College

Doc will change the way you think about Leadership forever. His presentation is creative brilliance that is both enlightening and life impacting He gets my highest recommendation. We are joyfully spreading the word about Dr. Adolph Brown.

Michael Gentile
Fort Worth, ISD

Adolph has the potential to do for our generation what Dr. King did for his. He is that good!

Art McMahon
Duncanville, ISD

Your knowledge of 'reaching the bottom line' in industry by 'investing in people' made our meeting simply marvelous. We applaud your critical thinking and analytical abilities. We appreciate your generosity and sincerity.

Sales Force Alliance
Reno, Nevada

Finally! An exceptional presentation. An amazing journey that will challenge you to be the person you dreamed you could be. I can't remember the last time a speaker had this type of positive impact on my life. He had major twists that defy expectations while teaching powerful life lessons without patronizing. I was crying one minute and laughing hysterically the next. You can not listen to Adolph without your heart becoming involved.

Gary Karlsson, Council of Entrepreneur Technology

The best presentation of research and best practices I have ever heard. I could
listen to you indefinitely!

Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education

In 30 years, I have not heard a more comprehensive message. Adolph's gift for articulating leadership and educational excellence principles through personalized experiences is unparalleled. A-list!

National Association of School Boards

Thanks for the insightful presentation. You have the keen ability to make potentially complex theory and phenomena applicable to real life scenarios. Wonderful delivery of substantial information with sound research.

Educational Policy, Planning, and Leadership
College of William and Mary

Thanks for reaching everyone. Your words are powerful and I was able to hold onto to everyone of them. Thanks for not speaking that psychobabble.

York Technical College

I just wanted to express to you how wonderful it was to hear you speak (for the second time) at the FCCLA National Leadership Meeting in Orlando, Florida. I can't wait to get your DVD and show it to some of my colleagues at school. Your 'Real Talk' is more beneficial to me than anything has ever been and my students were all very jealous that I got to see you again! I have attached a picture from the conference.

Allison Kreifels, FCCLA Advisor
Lathrop, Missouri

You were a BIG HIT at the conference! Very inspiring and very true to life. Also, thanks for the research on 'best practices.

Trio Programs

The combination of appropriate humor and seriousness, fun and hard facts, provides a unique and creative approach to educating audiences about Educational Excellence and Real World Leadership.

Association of California School Administrators