Among our Nation's Best & Top Youth Motivational Speakers, Fun & Engaging Youth Motivational Speaker

Beyond Communication to...CONNECTIONS...As a #REALTALK Leader, Doc is an Instructional Leader in Education, A Visionary Leader in Business, A Servant Leader in the Community, a Spiritual Leader in his home, and a Character Leader with students. Doc effortlessly and seamlessly transitions adult & youth audiences on a regular basis as one of the only Motivational Speakers for ALL Occasions™. He profoundly connects to ALL young people & connects young people to life-long success.


Doc returns to inspire his middle school Brandon Middle School


A crowd of 20,000 strong Dr. Brown Edu'tains the masses.
In Orlando, Doc dazzled enthusiastic Delta Sigma Theta's at their 2008 National Convention.


Doc is everywhere! On a billboard in South Carolina.
A larger than life image of Adolph promoting an event in Spartanburg, South Carolina.


Doc planting seeds of wisdom with speaker Jason Etheridge


Doc with Assistant Principal Dave Hodgson & Principal Scott Shafer


Illinois Principals Association


Doc & Kirk (a former Personal Assistant) at Notre Dame Dome
Taking a moment to enjoy the scenery, the glorious Golden Dome at University of Notre Dame


Doc is inspired by reformed gang members
Proof that "Just because you mess up, does not mean you have to give up!"


Doc is inspired by reformed gang members!
Proof that "Just because you mess up, does not mean you have to give up!"


Doc & Editor and friend Jerry "JMo" Morawski