Among our Nation's Best & Top Youth Motivational Speakers, Fun & Engaging Youth Motivational Speaker

Beyond Communication to...CONNECTIONS...As a #REALTALK Leader, Doc is an Instructional Leader in Education, A Visionary Leader in Business, A Servant Leader in the Community, a Spiritual Leader in his home, and a Character Leader with students. Doc effortlessly and seamlessly transitions adult & youth audiences on a regular basis as one of the only Motivational Speakers for ALL Occasions™. He profoundly connects to ALL young people & connects young people to life-long success.


Doc Hanging Out
with Retired General Colin Powell


How Doc Learned the "Coach Approach"
Doc & College Track Coach Roy Chernock


Doc Receives Honorary Rebel Sweatshirt from Columbine High School Teacher
8th Anniversary of Columbine Shooting


Doc Speaking to the Masses (5,000+ Students)


Doc and wife enjoy the sounds of Bill Pinkney's "Original Drifters"
a long-lived American doo wop/R&B band


Doc speaks pedagogy
with his academic peers across the country & throughout the world


Upward Bound students and parents who attended National TRIO Day on February 25
Kneeling at front: Kerry Payne, Westmoreland County. Standing: Dominique Clark and Latinya Lane, both of Westmoreland County; DeAudrea Rich and Latoya Rich, both of Essex County; Dr. Adolph Brown, Hampton University; Natasha Wise, Westmoreland County; Fallon Akers, Essex County; and parents Connie Wise and Arlette Clark. At rear, Jarvis Conaway of Northumberland County.