The Minority Student Achievement Team (MSAT) ™ for Title I Schools, Special Education, AVID Programs, Black History Month, MLK Day, Teacher Inservices & Achievement Gap Issues - My Brother's Keeper

Dr. Adolph Brown & his cadre of youth motivators effectively "Motivates The Unmotivated!" They eagerly, energetically, and engagingly work with students who are unruly, disrespectful, and underperforming academically and socially in the classroom.  The ultimate goals of the Minority Student Achievement Team (MSAT) ™ are to guide students to respect their teachers, schools, peers, themselves, and the learning process.  The Minority Student Achievement Team (MSAT) ™ is a FUN action-oriented collaboration of leading educators and expert psychologists assembled to provide consultation, training, professional development, keynote speakers, and Teacher Inservice / Back To School / AVID Programs / Teacher Opening Day / Black History Month speakers / My Brother's Keeper Program / Special Education Speakers / for teachers-students-parents to address the “achievement gap” that persists between minority  (especially Black & Latino males) and disadvantaged students and their white counterparts. MSAT’s mission is to improve minority student achievement by increasing test scores, decreasing drop-out rates, improving student efficacy and academic self-esteem, strengthening student locus of control, and reinforcing parent engagement. We work in concert with local schools and school systems, post-secondary institutional partners, state and national organizations, and others whose interest and expertise will serve the mission of MSAT.  Ultimately, any successful motivation strategy requires a qualified, verified, and effective motivator.

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Unlike many initiatives developed to address minority achievement, MSAT does not solely focus on teachers. MSAT recognizes and acknowledges the more subtle factors that can contribute to achievement gaps such as peer pressure, student tracking, negative stereotyping, and test bias. The following one-year commitment plan of action involves strategies designed to ensure that minority student populations have the “missing pieces” needed to meet the new rigorous standards and reduce the academic divide leading to the "closing the achievement gap":

Faculty Keynote Address: “Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em!” – Differentiated Strategies™
Dr. Adolph Brown, Educational & Clinical Psychologist

Student Keynote Address: “The Missing Pieces” – 21st Century Life Skills™
Dr. Adolph Brown, Educational & Clinical Psychologist

Parent Keynote Address: “It Starts At Home!” –The Parent-Up Challenge™
Dr. Adolph Brown, Educational & Clinical Psychologist

Student EXCELLENCE & Parent YOU-NIVERSITY Focus GroupsUnderstand Stereotype Threat, Decrease Behavioral Challenges, Improve Anger Management, Self-Control & Coping Skills, Raise Expectations, Empower Self-Direction, & Increase Aspirations

Proven Programs & Initiatives:

  • Increase enrollment of Black & Latino students in advanced academic programs (until the number reaches the percentage of that group in the general education population)
  • Increased graduation rates 
  • Increased College Readiness & College Admissions
  • Preschool for all children that qualify under income eligibility guidelines
  • Full Day Kindergarten offered to all elementary school students
  • Ensure that each student has a caring relationship with at least one teacher
  • Proportionate referral & identification of minority students for special education services
  • Empower students to become self-directed, participate in decisions, set stretch goals, develop and carry out Academic & Career Plan, assume responsibility and accountability for their own learning to improve achievement
  • Increased community involvement
  • Increased knowledge of the English language needed to navigate the school system & society
  • Increased parent involvement in the literacy development of their children

Pre-/Post Assessment & Follow-Up:
Based on your UNIQUE needs, a MSAT team will be assembled to best meet and exceed your goals.

MSAT Education Case Managers

The number and length of the aforementioned activities will depend on the administrator’s budget, scheduling concerns, number of students, and number of prospective topics to be covered. MSAT is a national leader in the approach to closing the minority student achievement gap.

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