ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION PARTNERShelp with Student Engagement Speakers, Character Ed / Special Education Programs & Juvenile Justice Training

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Alternative Education Partners™ are advocating consultants, at-risk student speakers & trainers to alternative education programs and conferences designed to prevent and/or discourage students form leaving school before they graduate (usually from high school). As advocates of students in alternative education settings and of effective alternative education models, we believe that leaving school without a diploma negatively impacts the lives of individuals both professionally and personally.

Alternative Education Partners™ will assist program administrators, faculty, staff, students, and parents with utilization of the Best Practice Indicators of:

  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Required Dress Code
  • Small Class Size
  • Use of Behavior Modification
  • Trauma-Informed Teaching
  • Computer-assisted Instruction
  • Hands-on Assignments
  • Students in Specially Designed Settings
  • Individual Attention
  • Parent/School/Business/Community Partnerships

Alternative Education Partners

Dr. Clemmye Jackson

Iowa Alternative Educator of 31 years and has held positions as a teacher, counselor, instructional leader, coordinator, consultant, and administrator. She is also the developer of the Iowa Association of Alternative Educator’s Journal and leader of numerous NCA evaluations in alternative schools.  2004 Iowa Association of Alternative Education (IAAE) Hall of Fame Award Winner.

  • Instructional Programming and Program Evaluation
  • Importance of Teacher-Pupil Ratio

Alternative Education Partners

Mrs. Donna Ratliff

Lynchburg County Public Schools Special Education Teacher with teaching and case management specialties in the areas of oppositional defiance and emotionally disturbed students at the middle and elementary levels.

  • Annual Assessment of Placement and Transitioning
  • Case Management

Alternative Education Partners

Ms. Ethel Coles

Coordinator of Equity and Accountability in Lynchburg Public Schools as well works with the coordinators of 21st Century Community Learning center grants. She is a researcher in the areas of the effects of poverty on the brain, cultural competency, school culture and effective instructional strategies.

  • Collaborative Efforts with parents and community
  • Drop Out Prevention Models

Dr. Adolph Brown

  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • 21st Century Life Skills/ Social Skills Training
  • Instrusive & Career Counseling
  • Student Engagement