How To Receive Dr. Adolph Brown's Podcasts
Load Motivational Minute onto your MP3 player.

podcast coverWe'll start with a few common shortcuts, for those who want to find our podcasts quickly. If you'd like a more comprehensive tutorial, scroll down.

A Motivational Minute is a weekly Podcast (a selection of stories, inspirational words of wisdom, and good humor):

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Tutorial: Simply put, podcasting allows you to receive pre-recorded audio programs on your computer or MP3 player (like an iPod) automatically. You decide which programs you'd like to get—they range from amateur audioblogs to professional radio programs—and then "subscribe" (for free) to those feeds. Your podcasting software will check periodically for any new audio files that become available and download those files to your computer—or directly to your audio player if you prefer. You can then carry hours of audio programming to help you through your commute, your work-out, or your downtime.

(NOTE: Podcasting is designed for use with broadband, or high-speed, Internet connections. Dial-up connections are too slow to download the large audio files.)

Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Download the podcasting software
If you already use Apple's free iTunes software (for Windows or Mac, Version 4.9 or later), just look for the Podcasts section of the iTunes Music Store. The software now supports one-click subscriptions to a growing number of free podcasts (here is the iTunes link for A Motivational Minute Podcast).

Another easy way to receive podcasts is to use a Web-based podcasting service like Yahoo!, Odeo, and Podnova. They allow you to play podcasts right from their Web pages, no downloading required (you'll find links to Dr. Adolph Browns' feed for all three services at the top of this page).

Step 2: Choose Your Feeds

The software programs mentioned above include directories of podcasts, and the lists get longer by the day. Two helpful lists for discovering new podcasts are the iTunes Top 100 Podcasts and the xml.

Step 3: Subscribe

Again, if you're using iTunes, you can find Motivational Minute feed here (or search for "Motivational Minute" within the iTunes Music Store), and then simply click "Subscribe." You can also manually paste a podcast feed's URL into most programs (in iTunes, just open the "Subscribe to Podcast" section of the "Advanced" menu). Here are the URLs for the Dr. Adolph Brown's podcast:

Dr. Adolph Brown's Motivational Minute Weekly Podcast:http://www.docspeaks.com/podcast/podcast.xml

In the Juice software, paste this URL into the window that pops up when you click "Add new feed". Then just tell the software how often you want it to check for new shows and where to put them (in your iTunes folder, for example), and you're ready to go.

Give podcasting a try and send us your comments.