Organization's Presentation Checklist

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Wellness International Incurs No (Zero) Upfront Fees: Neither Out Of Pocket Expenditures Nor Reimbursements For Travel Expenses.

1. Airfare

  • Two round trip coach class tickets for Dr. Brown and his assistant
  • Wellness International will choose the flights that work best with our schedule and inform you of the specific flights to purchase (usually closer to the event date to avoid change fees)
  • Once purchased, email the flight confirmation to us.

2. Ground

  • Professional transportation service with a large SUV capable of transporting large product cases (personal vehicles, airport shuttles, and taxi cabs are not permitted)
  • Driver must meet Dr. Brown and his assistant in the baggage claim area displaying a sign with Dr. Adolph Brown’s on it.
  • Provide the driver’s name and cell phone number
  • Transportation is required from the airport to the hotel, the hotel to the venue, the venue to the hotel, and finally from the hotel to the airport
  • Dr. Brown and his assistant prefer to arrive at the venue no less than 1 hour before his scheduled presentation time; provide the pickup time
  • Dr. Brown and his assistant prefer to arrive at the airport no less than 1 ½ hours before their scheduled departure time; provide the pickup time
  • If providing a rental car, a large SUV must be secured and paid for using the organization’s credit card. Dr. Brown will not have a credit card to provide payment at the time the vehicle is picked up.
  • In the event that Dr. Brown drives his personal vehicle, our organization will charge $0.55 per mile round trip. We will provide an invoice for the charges.

3. Lodging

  • 2 adjacent rooms in a four star (or better) hotel: Provide a list of hotels in the general vicinity to be selected by Dr. Brown’s office; if the conference is not held in a hotel.
  • Reserve rooms for the night before the presentation date.
  • Rooms must be guaranteed for late arrival.
  • Rooms must be directly billed to the organization by completing the hotel’s credit card authorization form prior to Dr. Brown’s arrival at the hotel.
  • If the event is in a hotel, both rooms must be secured in the conference hotel.
  • Rooms may be needed for two (2) nights in the event that scheduling does not permit travel the day of the event.
  • Once reserved, email the reservation confirmation to our office.

4. Meals

  • Daily rate of $100.
  • No Receipts will be provided.

5. Payment

  • A deposit of 50% of the speaker fee is required to reserve your date.
  • The final payment is due no later than the service date.
  • Give Dr. Brown the payment in an envelope with the Doc Speaks Representative’s name.

6. Contract

  • .Emailed in PDF format
  • Sign and return either by email, fax (757-499-7005) or mail (PO. Box 65098, Virginia Beach, VA 23467).
  • Once the 50% Deposit and the signed contract are received, your date is secured.

7. Rider

  • Review the presentation requirements (rider) on the DocSpeaks website or click here.
  • Hand held wireless microphone, Gatorade (Medically Necessary), stool, stage, 6 (6ft) tables (For Doc's Use ONLY) set up inside the speaking room near an electrical outlet, verification of whether or not a house sound system is available, etc.
  • Based on the nature of Dr. Brown’s performance(s), it is highly recommended that the above referenced requests are fulfilled in order for Dr. Brown to effectively facilitate this event(s).

8. PEQ/Confirmation Checklist

  • Complete either an emailed PDF or via telephone with a DocSpeaks Representative closer to the event 
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven"
– Matthew 5:16