The Essentials of Great Customer Care - Championship Habits™

"PEOPLE" are the hallmarks of great customer care.  Their loyalty is the key to the company's success.  Our Customer Care Team™ will assist your organization in increasing customer service skills that leads to increased profits, inspire happy empoyees to become long term employees, and increase employee retention to lower operating costs.  See employee morale at an ALL-TIME High with a Championship Habits keynote and supportive service training. 


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The Essentials of Great Customer Care high-lights three of the basic premises of Championship  Habits -Soft Skills In Hards For Leaders & Managers:


1.  Attitude Beats Aptitude  

Customer Care Fact: You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.  Making the newcomer feel wanted and appreciated can turn him or her into a lifetime advocare for your service or product offerings, whether one buys or not.  Richard Shapiro, The Welcomer Edge

2.  Positive Feedback Increases Employee & Sales Team Motivation

Customer Care Fact: For every customer complaint, there are six other customers who have remained silent.  Lee Resource Inc. 20 Customer Service Statistics for 2011


3.  Happy Employees Create Happy Customers

Customer Care Fact: Employee engagement and employee morale training are central to customer satisfaction.  Lisa Ford, Do Happy Employees Create Happy Customers?




We look forward to assisting your corporation in learning how to hire, motivate and retain key customer care employees with Dr. Adolph Brown, the author of Championship Habits & his Employee Morale Training team.