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Attitude & Teamwork Keynote Speaker with fast paced and engaging blend of facts, quotes, poignant stories, and hilarious anecdotes.

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If the mark of a hero is the ability to turn private tragedy into public blessing, reputable educator and entrepreneur Adolph Brown, has deservingly earned that title. Adolph’s humble and challenging beginnings serve as a testament of triumph over adversity.  

Having blazed a trail from poverty to the owner of several successful small businesses (founder of the multimillion dollar Wellness Group Inc.), an award winning tenured educator, the Television Talk Show Host of REAL TALK LIVE, and a “people expert” coupled with his genuine optimism and enthusiasm make every event “A Great Day” for personal growth and professional development. Dr. Brown is a Master Teacher, having received international recognition, awards, honors, and distinction in the areas of educational excellence and real-world leadership. He consistently delivers high-quality instruction identifiable by objective audience observers, and makes a significant impact on participant learning gains.

His electrifying messages resonate with all as Adolph effortlessly moves between roles as a corporate and business motivational speaker & trainer, education consultant, education keynote, college speaker, at-risk student speaker, and servant leadership speaker. Adolph reaches hundreds of thousands of people a year discussing universal messages of Leadership and Educational Excellence. Adolph’s presentations are always uniquely personal, entertaining, and interactive whether delivered before 10,000 eager educators at an opening convocation, 30,000 member sales force at an annual sales meeting, 5,000 excited students in a leadership rally or commencement ceremony, or 50 co-workers at an executive retreat. Very few professional speakers and trainers have the uncanny ability to translate theory in concise, hip language with substantive and practical messages that provide immediate and lasting emotional impact.

When Adolph is not speaking and consulting with corporate groups, one of his favorite activities involves speaking to the students of his all-time favorite student associations - Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA-PBL - the oldest and largest business student organization in the world!) and Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA - the only in-school student organization with the family as its central focus).


The impact of Doc's motivational style, "laugh out loud" humor, personal stories, and unconventional approach stays with his audience long after his performance. You will remember Doc & Employee Morale will be at an ALL-TIME high!

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