Frequently Asked Questions

His family and friends describe him as “Just an ordinary, everyday all-around nice guy.” College students describe him as a “Day to day hero.” His colleagues describe him as “A can of intellectual Red Bull.” Primary and secondary educators are known to refer to Doc as “The Student Whisperer.” Meeting professionals call him “Unconventionally great!” Business professionals call him an “Entrepreneur of ideas.” His mother says “He is the Adolph who inspires the GOOD in others.” His wife calls him “Baby.” He says he is "Just a down to earth guy reaching for Heaven.”

As a troubled youth, Doc was introduced to martial arts and boxing. He found a space here to express his deepest hurts and pains. Doc learned quickly that it was equally important to “fight the good fight of faith” as it was to be a “good fighter.” He experienced his first transformation of being pugnacious, short-tempered, and a brawler quick to wrath to a person who finishes the course, keeps the faith, and role models truth. To this very day, Doc continues to train and coach youth and adults alike to “Fight the good fight” both in and outside of the ring. 

Doc would enjoy facilitating all of the engagement requests he receives, but his wife won't let him!  Doc's wife allows him to travel 1-2 days per week. :-D  Exceptions are made on rare occasions. (When Mrs. Brown travels with him,  & Grandma Brown watches the children)  He describes his greatest challenge as being a “working father.” When Doc is not traveling, since his university sabbatical, he is reading, writing, and training & coaching individuals to keep their mind, body, and spirit well at his family’s 24-hours fitness and wellness facility. Doc also enjoys being called upon as a substitute teacher in local public schools.

Doc's consultation fees are all-inclusive of all travel expenses for Doc and his production team. However, of utmost importance to Doc and his entire staff is the establishment of a million dollars scholarship endowment for hardworking young people, whereby Doc contributes 1/3 of all consultation fees to its development.  

Doc desires to take love, light, and insight wherever he goes.  He also desires his corporation to be the best business to work for.

Doc does not consider himself a motivational speaker as he believes "motivation"  alone is not enough.  Doc's high energy content filled messages coupled with his singular teaching strategies put him into a class by himself.  He thinks he could be among the top youth & teen motivational speakers as he is a married father of seven, a former school teacher & administrator, and was once considered an "high risk" or "at-risk" student himself.  He has overcome numerous life challenges and obstacles, and believes it takes more than motivation to succeed.  Doc believes true success must include hard work, positive attitude, growth mindset, perserverance, focus, girt, and faith.

"I would just like to be known as the guy who inspired and encouraged others...while making them think and laugh."

Yes!  Doc loves to purposefully engage his audience after presentations with Q & A, meet & greet, and/or connect & chat.  He believes "It's ALL about the relationships."

Doc does indeed have a few allergies.  He is allergic to red dye in drinks and he is also allergic to mean-spirited and negative people commonly known as "Basement People."

A Ph.D. degree does not make a person some sort of a guru.  If you are not working directly with kids for school consultation or working in a corporate setting for corporate consultation, you are the opposite of being an expert.  Most consultants are effcient, organized, and completely out of the loop.  As a much sought-after consultant and trainer, Doc is still Managing Partner of Wellness International, LLC, teaches Student Development at Tidewater Community College, and substitute teaches in elementary school.  Doc learned that organizations can be messy, and it takes those in the trenches to help clean them up.

Doc's heart is warmed when he runs into his former students and audience participants and learns of the phenomenal things they are doing with their gifts.  

Doc began presenting national and international lectures, seminars, and keynote addresses after he noticed that much of the research he conducted to become a tenured university professor was not being read by the general public.  He then created a team of people smarter than himself to become collectively known as the "think tank."   The "think tank" assists Doc in developing creative educational & learning strategies to bring his evidence-based research to life for ALL audiences.  Doc consistently narrows the gap between what we know and what we practice in the fields of service consulting, academic achievement, and school improvement.

Doc has been positively changing lives in America and abroad for well over 2 decades.  We do not market our services as we believe "tried & true" Word of Mouth (WOM) testimonials of those who have seen and heard Doc to more than suffice.   Doc's grandfather told him "When you build a great experience and make people learn more & feel like better than anyone else, people CANNOT resist telling others."   His grandfather's words have become true again as more than 50% of Doc's engagements are repeat clients.  These WOM referraIs from balcony people, organizations, and corporations are sincerely appreciated. In addition, Doc has limited engagements each year due to his family & research/writing obligations.

As a man of "faith & family," Doc essentially runs his content through his mental and spiritual filter to ensure that his material is family-friendly, engaging, and inspiring for ALL.   Doc is also aware of not violating the First Amendment's Establishment Clause, which bars the government from endorsing religion.

These presentations promote two very important goals: being more loving and discerning, both very important human qualities to improve.  One of Doc's major points is the fact that when we judge others, we have no time to love them. Unlike others who have attempted to do this, Doc is quite successful as a trained psychologist and is aware of the 1970's study of a similar nature.   Doc does not shame, guilt, embarrass or scapegoat. Doc desires that others have the awareness to question their intent, even behind seemingly virtuous deeds.  "My greatest wish when I am asked to come into a venue in a disguise is that we see the tree inside of the seed and learn to RESPECT THROUGH UNDERSTANDING.  My grandfather NEVER qualified anybody."

Doc really enjoys Q&A with audience participants as it allows him to answer and comment on individual questions relevant to specific audience members.

Doc ends each day by reflecting and journaling on the positive events that happened during the day.  Researchers have shown that 80% of our thoughts tend to be negative and Doc believes "The quality of our life depends on the quality of our thoughts."  Each night when the sun goes down, a piece of our life goes with it.  Doc prefers to have 80% or more of his thoughts be positive.   

Doc has three formal mentors and countless informal mentors.  His grandfather is the mentor who taught him invaluable common sensical life lessons, Retired General & Secretary of State Colin Powell taught him that you cannot and should not please everyone, and Don Perlyn of Nathan's Famous reminds Doc to keep it simple and to keep God and Family first.

Contrary to popular opinion, the name "Adolph" existed long before the evils perpetrated by the infamous one whose named is spelled "Adolf."  Doc is a third generation Adolph (prior to 1889) and the name means "noble wolf."  Doc's grandfather told the story of two wolves that dwelled deeply inside the human was evil and the other one good.  The wolf who was fed would be the wolf to win.  Doc feeds the good wolf and is known as "The Adolph who inspires good in others."  Doc also likes to remind people of other "Good Adolph's"...with the same spelling.  Here are a few:  Adolph Eisner (Disney), Adolph Caesar (actor), Adolph Coors (entrepreneur), Adolph Guttlieb (artist), Adolph Herseth (trumpet player), Adolph Rosenblatt (sculptor), and Adolph Brown, IV (son).        

"Hilarious, engaging, research-based, and memorable!"  Fun is a big part of Doc's style. Doc educates and amuses with a little show and tell. He will have you dancing in the aisles. Doc has role-modeled extremely engaging presentation & training behavior from the best "in-your-face" teachers of his childhood. He communicates phenomenal best practices research with a common language intertwined with captivating real-life stories from his large family of nine, his upbringing, and experiences from his over two decades of circling the globe as a character leader and successful entreprenuer.  Doc identifies with the real-life challenges and struggles experienced in today's workplace, schools, home, community, and personal relationships. Ultimately, one can expect Doc to educate, motivate, challenge, and inspire...ALL while having fun!
"Adolph brings contentment to the disturbed and disturbs the content."

Doc prays the following special prayer: "God, help me know what you want from me.  Help me to do what you want of me.  And help me to do it well enough to satisfy and honor you."  

Doc is saddened by basement-dwelling individuals who unfairly criticize others for motivations that clearly do not represent their actions.  Often a basement person's emotional weakness and immaturity will pull others down.  We must not give such behavior a power over us.  Doc believes in sidestepping such negative energy.  Doc frequently prays for protection for himself and others from the stress and anger that can accompany such treatment.  We know we cannot control how others treat us, however Doc says "Be so focused on self-improvement that you do not have any time to begrudge others."    

Doc is surprised by the number of individuals who have lost their ability to laugh.  "Fun - what a balm for the soul" Doc says.  He finds that many people rush past laughter for the serious.  Doc loves to say "That was really fun!'  He finds that many of the people he meets would be refreshed by "lightening up a little." 

"Although honored to be credentialed as a master teacher, I should really be considered a master student.  I learned a very long time ago that the more I learned, the more I did not know.  The greatest shame is when an individual does not know what they do not know."     

Real Talk™ is Doc's way of discussing "the undiscussables" or the issues, thoughts, and feelings that stay below the surface of conversations and meetings.  Doc addresses "the warthog in the corner" with relationship building humor and insights.   Doc considers reducing undiscussables as the motherlode of innovation in increasing understanding and producing better outcomes.


The two most profoundly life-changing moments in Doc's life were the tragic death of his older brother Oscar when Doc was eleven years old and his father abandoning his family home when Doc was 2 years old.  Doc now uses those experiences to connect with and help others going through the same.  Decades ago Doc would search his audiences in hopes that his father would be present.  Nowadays, Doc stands tall in the glow of God and his fans.    

Professionally, Doc's greatest accomplishment was overcoming the challenges to being a first generation high school and college graduate from a low income family.  Doc had great public school mentors like Mrs. Marilyn Ballard, Mrs. Drew, Senoras Dugan & Still, Mrs. Reese, Mrs. McGlaughlin, Mr. David Long, Dr. Cathy Rogers, Mr. Rus Fletcher, Mr. Cletus Griffin, Mr. Paul Lankford, Mrs. Delna Atacki - School Counselor, Mrs. Susan Tolley, Mr. Ralph Mizell - Elementary School Principal, and Mr. Ed Timlin who ensured that Doc was best prepared as possible for life and the transition to college.   While in college, Doc had the tutelage and advisement of Dr. Ellen Rosen and mentorship of Dr. Mario Zamora.  Later, as a teacher followed by becoming a tenured full university professor, Doc became an educator and mentor to many like his former educators.   

Personally, Doc is most proud of being a devoted husband and doting father of college graduates and college-bound children.

He jokingly says "I have been blessed to turn my 'mess into a message' to witness to the masses."

Doc is not perfect and he knows it, however he is authentic.  He is not a typical role model whereby individuals act as if they’ve never made bad choices, and you should do what they’ve done to be successful in life.  Doc is a “REAL” model whereby he owns his bad choices and is always looking back to see if he can help others overcome similar stumbling blocks.  Doc is not so heavenly-bound that he is of no earthly good; Doc says "I was called to be a witness, not a judge."  Many appreciate Doc's candor, passion, enthusiasm, and intelligence as he ascribes to a doctrine and an authority who teaches "Not to be judgmental of others, but to make sound judgments." It is Doc’s hope that others see, hear, feel, and experience his testimonies as he travels the world on a most righteous mission.

Dr. Brown was given the nickname "Doc Attitude" in the early nineties from other speaking professionals, as his signature story was one whereby his mother taught him a tough-love lesson on the importance of a positive attitude.


Dr. Brown was coined the "U.S. Secretary of Inspiration" during his involvement with America's Promise in 1997 under the founding leaderhsip of Gen. Colin L. Powell (USA) Ret. 



Dr. Brown got the nickname "The Game Changer" from the Executive Vice-President of Nathan's Famous NYC after facilitating a series of professional development seminars on the corporation's behalf.  Don Perlyn believed Adolph's message was unique and innovative.  He predicted that Adolph would change the landscape of the professional speaking industry with his customized value-latent content and his brilliant cutting-edge delivery.


Don remains one of Adolph's corporate mentors to this very day.       

Doc has personally seen and enjoys the content and delivery of all of the presenters for

It is where entertainment meets education using a blend of core communication theories and fundamental entertainment pedagogy designed to educate as well as to get the audience's attention. Doc is often cited and quoted by numerous education and leadership experts for his proven theory of "We can teach anyone anything once we get their attention."  Doc is commonly referred to as "The World's Greatest Edu-tainer," a title created for him by his good friend and tour partner Doug E. Fresh, aka "The World's Greatest Entertainer."