Family & Community Engagement

Dr. Adolph Brown is an advocate of strong families & strong schools.  As a parent, family and community engagement speaker, Dr. Adolph Brown is first and foremost a husband and a father of eight.  He is also a trained clinical and educational psychologist, tenured full professor, author, businessman and research-scientist.  Dr. Brown knows that rearing children is not easy and does not come with guidelines, instructions or a pause button.  Dr. Brown has experienced many adventures in parenting from early childhood education to parenting adult children, and has counseled diverse families in crisis (divorce, co-parenting, single-parenting, adoptive, gay or lesbian, immigrant, migrant, bi-racial, multi-racial, trans-racial adoptive, blended, broken, co-custody, extended, conditionally separated, foster and transnational families) for over three decades.  Dr. Brown shares what successful culturally-responsive family & community engagement looks like, how to do it, and its wondrous benefits due to his unique success in the practical & fun application of family engagement research.


(ALSO Available in half-day seminars & full-day workshops)

  • It Starts At Home! Parent University
  • “Head & Heart” Strategies to Successful Parenting
  • Culturally-Responsive Family & Community Engagement. Two Teams, One Dream
  • Single Parenting, Many Roles
  • Father-Wanting Fathers. Learning To Be A Father Without A Role Model.
  • Foolproof Parenting for the Afterschool Program Called “Life!”
  • On Being A Parent of A Child With Special Needs…
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven"
– Matthew 5:16