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Adolph was great on and off

Adolph was great on and off stage. His generosity after stepping off the stage was hugely appreciated. His talk was funny and tied-in beautifully to the content. The customization was AWESOME! It was the first time everyone said they took something away. HOMERUN!!!! Paul Prince, Citibank

Dr. Brown is a leader worth

Dr. Brown is a leader worth following. Bob Simon

Thank you for your uplifting

Thank you for your uplifting and insightful, yet thought-provoking presentation. You are the best I have ever seen. Your entire presentation (from t start to conclusion) was enchanting! Barbara Harris, AT&T

Dr. Brown's contribution to

Dr. Brown's contribution to the Customer Service Experience & Leadership Symposia was "the talk" of the three days. "Doc" Brown was everything they could have hoped for and more -- charming, warm, effusive, engaging. He was so wonderful to work with. The Q & A segment was executed brilliantly with an intelligent & honest dialogue. -- Customer Service Corporation

I watched Dr.Adolf Brown in

I watched Dr.Adolf Brown in amazement! I'll never present like that. But it's good to be reminded every now and again what genius looks like. (Henry Cobb, Canada)

Dr. Brown delivered his

Dr. Brown delivered his message with such humility, poise, and clarity. Our audience was inspired and moved by the precision of his content and interwoven stories. I know that hundreds of educators and administrators in Utah and around the globe were positively impacted by his presence. Utah Elementary School Administrators

Talking with you on the

Talking with you on the flight to Seattle was inspiring the other day. Although I have never heard you speak, I can attest to how you made me feel as an individual. Thank you for your positive energy, encouraging words and genuine persona. Please do keep my business card should I ever be of assistance to you and yours. Brad Lomand

Doctor Brown was the best

Doctor Brown was the best presenter we have ever had at our conference. I found him to be intelligent, witty, brilliantly funny, and genuine. Thanks for the encouragement! Betty Sykes

Sir, thank you for your

Sir, thank you for your insightful presentation at the National Small Businesses Summit. Your comments were right on target. I loved your "flat" platform of an America with "flat abs, a flat tax, NO flat out lies, more flat screens, and flat shipping rates!" Keep informing and inspiring. There is so much truth in your messages. 'REAL TALK!" Karl Reisser

Thank you for not mincing

Thank you for not mincing words about "leadership." This was the best conference session I have attended in years! MaryAnn Gallagher

HELLO!!! Dr. Brown

HELLO!!! Dr. Brown was such a pleasure to meet… everyone who was in the audience was educated to the xenophobia that is ours, particularly if “they” don’t look like “us!” His energy and accomplishments are to be admired and emulated. If there was one take-away for me, I would have to say that the phone call he made to the “doctor” on the other end and how it started with the smell of marijuana on a student… …and to think he did not give up on him, who eventually became a PhD himself spoke volumes to the hope that educators should have and can instill. We don’t usually see the finished product, but in this case, to see that individual self-actualize is amazing – all because someone believed in and motivated him!! WOW!! …as Dr. Brown shared his personal story and tragedy, it resonated with the audience, and especially me….coming from a high school dropout, with heroin in my veins and hepatitis C, I too have earned a “real PhD” (brick and mortar school – University of Dayton) with the help and grace of the Good Lord and perseverance (“grit”). …I think I do a good job in inspiring minorities and challenging them to fulfill their destiny… I will never know the depth of those successes, but mine is not to “wonder why, only to try…” I do so hope that Dr. Brown will be invited back to speak at the fall conference at Sinclair and motivate ALL the SCC personnel to better assist and retain minorities, as well as all other students. Tell Dr. Brown I said, “Keep up the good works!” Sincerely, Marc Professor Marc A. Smith, Ph.D. Biology Department, Room #3011 Sinclair Community College

As a person in the

As a person in the professional world I say thank you to Dr. Brown and I know I speak on behalf of all of my co-workers and the NSWC Federal Credit Union that we greatly appreciated all the insight and everything about the evening was lovely. As a person who shares faith convictions with Dr. Brown I say that I was inspired tremendously as a young person to see an adult man present himself in a way that is inspiring for young men to rise up to the challenge of being positive and in this case Godly influences in every area of their lives. The truth that was shared is from the beginning and if we commit to it I believe we can over-come as was presented by Dr. Brown I’d be glad to stay in touch and it would be a true honor to hear from Dr. Brown again someday in whatever way. Sincerely, Jason M. Skaggs

You are an onstage

You are an onstage luminosity~INCOMPARABLE! -George Marsh

Hey Doc, This is your bucket

Hey Doc, This is your bucket filler @Lynn University. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful speech. Personally, every time you speak at Lynn it fills my sails with wind. Afterward, try more, do more, I and accomplish more. David Lewis

Only a handful of people can

Only a handful of people can actually do what he does. Thank you for the miracle. David Kay

Thank you for making a huge

Thank you for making a huge positive impact on our organization. It is still being felt. Respectfully, Cora Thompson, Nathan's Famous

Spot ON! ABSOLUTELY loved his

Spot ON! ABSOLUTELY loved his delivery: he was funny, witty, very sure of himself, but most of all it was his charisma, knowledge base, and energy that hooked me from the very start. I just loved the way I felt when I was listening to Dr. Brown talk. I found that as his energy and excitement increased, so did mine. After the talk, I decided to chat with him at his books display. He was even better 1:1. I am hooked. Stephen & Frances Clarke.

Extremely encouraging and

Extremely encouraging and empowering talk given in SC. Our community needed it! Please get a copy of our newspaper to read comments and editorials about your talk. it was well-received by young, old, rural, urban, etc. Keep encouraging and empowering around LOVE! -Felicia & Marcus Bishop

He is an uncommon

He is an uncommon scholar!..THOROUGHLY ENJOYED & LEARNED! -Joshua Talbert

Yes, this guy was a RARE

Yes, this guy was a RARE find! He was explosively funny while providing golden nugget take-aways. It was extremely satisfying to have a consultant exceed our expectations. We are hoping he has a Part 2 as Dr. Brown's message is vital to our organization. Just a wonderfully fresh and original talk. He assures that his information will be remembered. I'm totally inspired. -Tom Peters

I agree with the comments

I agree with the comments left here. I am now a BIG FAN! It was a delightful & hilarious presentation. I've literally been to countless talks by "so-called" gurus and motivational speakers. Doc Brown presented himself as neither. He was the most "down-to-earth" yet sophisticatedly polished professional I have ever seen. I understand he does not market his services, which is probably a good thing since he has such a large family. If Hollywood got just a tiny glimpse of this man, he would be the World's Next Biggest Thing. His dynamite talk transformed nearly everyone in attendance. Thank you for leading from the "head & heart" while showing & encouraging us to do the same. Blessings to your mission! _Cheryl Andersen

OMG! SEE HIM! It was by far

OMG! SEE HIM! It was by far the most gripping and brilliantly entertaining talk I have ever heard or seen. It was a sincere tribute to our service professionals. We learned so much while laughing our heads off. Make sure you make the effort to find out about Dr. Adolph Brown. Your're going to like it. A Lot! Karen Phillips

Thank you for keeping our

Thank you for keeping our company well-equipped, well-informed & well updated! Joshua Smalls

Dr. Brown – I attended the

Dr. Brown – I attended the session you did for Suffolk Parent University yesterday Saturday, November 16th. It was AWESOME! I can’t thank you enough. I was planning to attend alone. However, my son Jack – who is probably the funniest and smartest person I know – also attended with me as somewhat of a punishment. The day prior we had discovered that he had done some inappropriate Google searches on his Ipod Touch. He is a great kid, but made a poor choice. In addition to extended technology restrictions, additional chores at home, etc, he also had to attend your session with me at Parent University. Neither of us knew exactly what to expect. Upon arrival, I noticed that he was one of the only older kids there. However, we both noticed the other older kid in the cafeteria with the crazy braids – we loved the hair!!!! Your presentation was so energized and on point that we both took many things away from it - especially when you spoke of character – what you do when no one is watching! That was very timely for him! Thank you for speaking directly to both of us. In addition to the laughs, it has given us wonderful talking points to help us through this critical and important parenting opportunity! I sincerely thank you for being at the right place at the right time with a fantastic message! All the Best, Beverly Van Straten

I really enjoyed your

I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday in Perry GA. I have never seen anyone engage children so well. Thank you. Kay Flanders Wilson

I was at the Hosa Rally today

I was at the Hosa Rally today and attend your speech. Hearing your speech today.... It simply changed my life your speech showed me that no matter where you come from and the challenges your face you can still be someone. These last few days have stressed me out because I raised the money to go but did have money to go with but I made things work an I was so close to not going I'm glad I did. I'm going to talk to a few teacher and hopely get you to speak at my high school. I just wanted you to know you changed atleast one life today and I'm sure many more. Kristen Brock

Hey, I was very inspired by

Hey, I was very inspired by your speech at the HOSA rally on October 09 2013 in perry Georgia it was an amazing speech and really touched home and was very inspirational to me and I enjoyed hearing you speak and showing no matter what you can do it REAL TALK -CJ Gable

Thank you for bringing light

Thank you for bringing light into our corporation.

Dr. Brown, It was a pleasure

Dr. Brown, It was a pleasure hearing you speak again this year at our CAPRW Head Start all staff. You bring truly bring the best out of people. Even the people who always seems to look cranky can't help but smile when you're around! Thank you again. I hope to see you speak again soon! Kim Bailey

I enjoyed your seminar today!

I enjoyed your seminar today! Your such an inspiration for our Head Start Program! Each year you come out, I learn something new about myself as a Teacher. Thank You!

It was so refreshing to hear

It was so refreshing to hear a presentation with solid content & substance! Thank you for taking the time to offer me some invaluable advice following your consultation. It was also delightful to meet someone so unbelievably accomplished, yet so humble. Continued Peace & Blessings! Delia M. Payne

Doc Brown - I met you at the

Doc Brown - I met you at the Burleson ISD Convocation. Your presentation will help us get the 2013-14 off to a great start! It was a pleasure meeting you. Your message was inspiring to everyone. I have been enjoying notoriety because of your numerous references of me! We are glad you made the trip to Burleson Texas to see us! I plan to sign up for your updates. Next time you come back please be sure to say "howdy" to us. Sincerely, Your newest fan! Deputy Charles Grover, Johnson County Sheriff's Office

Dr. Brown, I just wanted to

Dr. Brown, I just wanted to tell you that I truely enjoyed your presentation at my school. You gave me some really usable ways to handle difficult situations. I am a fine arts instructor and I am very passionate about my craft. I get worn down every year by so many young people with so many problems that I start feeling overwhelmed. The stress has taken a toll on my own body, but now I feel more able to help and I feel like I can stay in the balcony and not fall into the pit of the basement by the end of the school year. Regards, Karrie Huskey :-)

Dr. Brown; I wanted to take

Dr. Brown; I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your presentation at the L'Anse Creuse Public Schools opening day on 8/28. I am one of the middle school principals in the district and walked away more inspired than I have felt in years. My school, Middle School - South, has experienced a large shift in terms of both race and socio-economic status. My staff, which is one of the more senior staffs in our district, has had difficulty adjusting to the needs of our kids. They are all good people, but adjusting their mind-set from one that worked effectively with population that was a very homogeneous, white, middle class population for years, has been a challenge. We've put many initiatives in place to assist our kids in recent years, but changing the way some of my staff builds relationships has been difficult. Your message was powerful and exactly what my staff has needed for a number of years. THANK YOU. On a side note, I was so inspired, that I went back to my office and adjusted my entire plan for my building's opening day the next day. I am taking your lessons and running with it! Best Wishes; Paul Lasala

Enjoyed your presentation

Enjoyed your presentation today. Have heard hundreds you are one of the best. -John Wilborn, Director Curtis Culwell Center

Everyone in the world should

Everyone in the world should hear you. REAL TALK! -Jim Slavin

I saw you at my

I saw you at my Granddaughter's graduation ceremony at Thalia Elementary this year. I was one of those people who admired you when you were wearing your suit and when I unknowingly saw you with the basketball. I thought you were out of place walking around with that ball. It shows how we view people according to the way they are dressed. Your speech was very inspiring. I am a 70 year old African American woman who has a grandson in the state prison for selling drugs. Prior to being sent to state prison he was sent to a drug program and did something that cause him to be kicked out. He was supposed to return to jail within 24 hours. He did not do that, therefore, he became a fugitive. When the police arrested him, he allegedly had drugs and a gun on his person. He was sentenced to either nine or twelve years in prison. He will be released April 2015. I want to know if you have programs wherein you visit prisons? I think you could be a great inspiration to some of the men who are locked up. If you don't have a prison program, are there funds available from the government that will cover fees for you to lecture at prisons? I also want to know which one of your books your would recommend for me to send to my grandson while he is incarcerated? He need to change his way of thinking prior to being released from prison and I think it would help him to hear your story. I admire you for your accomplishments in life and for being a proud husband and father. 8/14/2013 I. Dunn

Thank you for being a solid

Thank you for being a solid role model for our students. In the past our school has brought in professional athletes and a few recording artists. I appreciate who you are as a husband, father, educator and businessman. Our students will never forget your phenomenal messages and the unique methods you used to convey them. Keep On Keeping On! Julia Burton. Asst. Principal

Holy Kaw! You were amazing!

Holy Kaw! You were amazing! Your insights were spot on. Thank you for including relevant national and international issues impacting our daily lives and professions. Thank you for celebrating "The Positive Difference Makers!" Robert Bell

In my 40 years in the sales

In my 40 years in the sales industry and I must say that Doc Brown is AS GOOD AS IT GETS! It was also nice to get to speak with you and your assistant at the hotel restaurant. They were SOME OF THE NICEST FOLKS YOU'LL EVER MEET! Wishing you continued success! Steve Peace

Hello Dr. Brown!! It's

Hello Dr. Brown!! It's Sharnell Frink (Myles) who completed a practicum with you from NSU's graduate program. Wow...it's great to "see" you after 12 years. I recently viewed a clip from "Dr. Dad" and saw your beautiful family. I can remember when Marla would be in her office working hard and Dana would be in her playpin. Watching the clip, I thought to myself, "This is one show where what you see is what you get--Family & Love", unlike many reality shows today! Please know that I was inspired by you back then and I continue to be inspired. Today, I have a thriving agency in Atlanta that offers trauma-informed services. The thing that I am most proud of is our work with the Governor's office to end Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)! One last thing I wanted to share...During our practicum orientation with you, you asked, "Who thinks that they are smarter or better than most other people?" A couple of us raised our hands. You said (with a straight face), "Ya'll can leave!" I thank God that Ms. B was sitting in the reception area and she told us to have a seat and wait. Later you came back out and invited us back in...this time with a smile. But, I got the message! I often times use this example when I lecture or work with clients, because if I didn't have patience, a sense of humor, and a supervisor who saw something in me (I hope...lol), I would have never had the opportunity to learn from you and pass along those same lessons! So, THANK YOU! Please tell Marla and Vivian (my Soror) I said hello and take care!!

WE salute you! Your wit and

WE salute you! Your wit and wisdom were absolutely phenomenal and at times breath-taking! Please receive our comments with the heartfelt gratitude by which it is written. Never have I attended an event to include ballets, concerts, sporting events or plays whereby the audience applauded for at least five minutes. Your message is brilliantly powerful. It was great to spend a small amount of time with you that has resulted in such a big impact. Jack Buchanan

The BEST thing GOING! Charles

The BEST thing GOING! Charles Mitchell

Pure Genius! I am a fan!!!!!

Pure Genius! I am a fan!!!!! -Peter Castellazzo

You gave an excellent talk

You gave an excellent talk this evening. In fact, it was the best my wife and I have ever heard at these events. It was full of humor mixed with the message that we need to male education more individualized and personal, rather than standardized and generic. Thanks for having the courage to offer "Real Talk!" -Gabran Braunstein

OMG! You were so much more

OMG! You were so much more than I anticipated after a very long day. You are an unshakable optimist and I appreciate your openness, tolerance and compassion for ALL. -Adina Silverstein

After hearing so much about

After hearing so much about you, I sat in the conference center like a child full of anticipation and expectancy. You did not disappoint! Our staff is still bonded by the memories of your visit. You made us better people! Joshua Belvins

I agree wholeheartedly with

I agree wholeheartedly with Bill and Sarah. I normally do not care to write anything after hearing speakers, but this guy was amazing. I used the university program to find his information to learn more about him. I have never heard a speaker with a profound message for every demographic in the audience. Wow! -Norma Bernstein

Dr. Brown was our son's 2013

Dr. Brown was our son's 2013 Commencement speaker. He made us laugh, he made us cry, but most importantly, he made us think! Dr. Brown eloquently tackled perhaps the most pressing issues of the younger generation–technology and social networking–and how it affects experience and interactions, confronted human mortality, and highlighted what is most important and meaningful about being human. It wasn't a speech, it was more of a conversation with a sage. Please thank him for such a candid, relevant and impacting talk. Drs. Robert & Sarah Meeks

We just love Adolph. He's

We just love Adolph. He's such a giver and we have learned so much from just a few of his gifts. Thanks for leaving a few of your books. Very seldom do you read a book that truly delivers what the title promises your books are such books. Blackhawk Technical College Janesville, Wisconsin

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I was fortunate to hear Dr. Brown's presentation this week in Hattiesburg, Ms. Amazing!!!! Thank you for the message you are sharing. We all left better than when we entered!! God Bless and hope to see you again soon!! Ben Wade
8/29/15 | 11:50
Your speech just rocked my world! I wanted to tell you that I am a 35-year-old first time(kindergarten!)teacher at a Title I school that is 47% African American, 47% Hispanic, and 6% Caucasian. I am scared to death, but I have never wanted something so much in my entire life. I have worked so hard to get to this point in my life. I was that kid from the trailer park that moved to the projects. I was that kid whose parents got a nasty divorce that threw me into an angsty-ADD spiral, but I made it through. I plan to bring humor and love into my classroom and your speech reassured me that this is a good plan. Thank you. Thank you from the poor kid that thought everyone paid for food with coupons and food stamps. Thank you from the kid that didn't always have the best hygiene because we moved so much. Thank you from the kid who gave a speech in high school saying that her life goal was to go to college in order to get a job in order to be able to buy a house for her family. Her first house. You are the best! You are the definition of inspiration. Suzie Hancock
8/29/15 | 11:43
am ordering some things off of your site, but I just have to tell you that we just saw you here in Colquitt County/Moultrie GA and I cannot thank you enough for what you do. I've been a teacher for 20 years and that was by far the best message of truth I've ever heard...in all the years of conferences and speakers I've sat through. God bless you and your family, and all those that you touch! Kristi Bejarano
8/29/15 | 11:42
I just wanted to say that I was TRULY inspired by your message. Often times in education, we don't acknowledge the exhaustion and defeated attitude of some educators. Your presentation to our staff energized everyone, even with the negative attitudes Everyone left the Expo Center Ready for work. The tree is in the seed...yes indeed. Thanks for coming to speak to our staff... call me inspired, and an adolf brown groupie! Takiesha Watson
8/29/15 | 11:30
I just want to say THANK YOU for the great inspiration you gave me and my staff at our recent training. It's always nice to find people who believe in the same philosophies as you. I truly felt like you had sat down with me and asked "Jenna, what do you need me to help you get across to your staff?" You nailed it! I've been with Beyond the Bell for going on 4 years and it has been quite a ride trying to revamp the program, and I can honestly say I finally had some validation after you spoke with our staff. They are still talking about it a week later! Trust me- this is huge! :) Thanks again for all you did for us and people around the world. You are amazing!!! Jenna Meyer
8/29/15 | 11:29
Dr. Brown, Thank you for the interesting, funny, thoughtful and thought provoking presentation you gave McKinney ISD. I'm still thinking about it and how to stay in the balcony. Thank you!
8/23/15 | 10:32
Sir, I was in KISD today. You were out of this world. I laughed, I had goose bumps, I even teared up. I loved every last second of it.........Thanks for being the messenger for so many that needed it........ Robert Burns AP- Eastern Hills Middle School Killeen Texas
8/19/15 | 7:03
Kaufman ISD loves Dr Brown. You are all still who everyone is talking about. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to enjoy your presentation. I am thinking we need you to run for President!!! Thank you so much for coming to Kaufman Texas!!!!
8/15/15 | 12:26
Mr. Brown, I want to extend a heartfelt thank uou thank you thank you!!! You touched Kaufman ISD right in the CORE yesterday, you are the talk of our town ~ now we have to take action and walk the walk. Time to put people in our wheelbarrows, help people to get on the balcony and for sure throw those shoes way in the middle of the beds at home, because there's where it all starts, right? LOVE ♡ & PEACE to you & your family! I seriously cannot get you & your lovely wife's bright contagious smiles out of my mind.
8/15/15 | 11:52
Thanks for a great day at the McKinney ISD convocation today!! I was ready for a great year, but your words of wisdom solidified what I knew in my heart! Thank you again...from the balcony!
8/14/15 | 9:47
Inspiring today. Want you to know Paul was around you today ;)
8/14/15 | 9:11
Dr. Brown, Thank you so much for your amazing words of inspiration today at the EEE conference! That was by far the best keynote speech I've ever heard, and it truly was inspiring. You truly reminded me of the true blessing it is to be a teacher, and how much we can influence our students. Thank you for keeping it real with us and sharing your story. I look forward to finding all of my little "trees" inside their seeds this year, and staying in the balcony! Thank you so much!-Monica Sobers
8/13/15 | 5:36
Dr. Brown was amazing today as the keynote speaker at the Clark County NV new teachers meeting. What an uplifting and motivating speaker; what a great way to start the school year! Frank Grealish.
8/12/15 | 11:37
Good Morning Dr.A Brown, I just want you to know that you are a God sent Man
8/08/15 | 7:02
This being my first year teaching, Dr. Brown's speech at Taylor County High School in Butler, Ga., confirmed to me that I made the right decision on becoming an educator. - Robert Hill
8/06/15 | 11:43
I was blessed to be in attendance of Dr. Brown's keynote speech in Austin, Tx. He is amazing and very humbling and keeps it real. He makes you think and re-examine your thinking! I can't stop sharing his words. I have a lot of favorite quotes from his speech but the one I have been teaching my kids since then was to do as his grandfather told him and "Throw a shoe under your bed at night so that every morning you start the day on your knees" Amazing man!thank you
8/04/15 | 12:11
To my delight, Dr. Brown was unbelievably engaging, relevant and informative. Thank you for an annual boring event not only bearable but also enjoyable. Keep up the great work. -Joanne Frazier
8/03/15 | 9:18
Dr. Adolph Brown TELLS IT LIKE IT IS! Thank you! -April Kirkpatrick
7/19/15 | 6:48
Doc Brown has contagious enthusiasm. He's the best bridge-builder our nation has. Kudos Sir! Gail Rivers
6/27/15 | 5:52
Dr. Adolph confirmed for me that being a minority and being masculine does not exclude being articulate or intelligent. Arthur Simpson
6/10/15 | 12:24
Dr. Adolph is a speaker you REALLY should know!!!!!! No words!!!! -Barbara Baer
6/08/15 | 5:54
He is the most motivational speaker coming from his own past experience bringing in humor real life teal talk. Brought lots of tears to me of pride and accomplishment for what he has done and become and how we were a part of it. I have been in HeadStart for 15 + years and never have been as motivated ever by anyone else!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!
6/02/15 | 5:27
Dr Adolph Brown is a speaker you should know. Incredibly remarkable! -Adrian Mills
6/01/15 | 7:39
I needed to LAUGH OUT LOUD today. Thank you for your astonishingly funny and daring presentation. I laughed and learned more from you than I have throughout all of my career. I am a fan! Allison Neumaler
5/05/15 | 9:17
Dr. Brown is the most consistently entertaining keynote speaker I've ever heard. He challenges "ism's" in our society in a direct but respectful way. Everyone I spoke to afterwards agrees that he is singularly the most outrageously entertaining and educating they have ever seen as well. Carol Travers
5/05/15 | 9:13
Doc Brown is the most articulate, intriguing, provoking, hilarious, and exhilarating presenter I've ever seen in my 40+ years of attending PDs. Todd Graham
5/05/15 | 9:09
Just wanted to let Dr. Brown know how much I appreciated his assembly with our students here at Franklin-Simpson High School. His message was so sincere, and I felt that our students really listened and believed that he cared about them. His entire message was SO appropriate for our kids. I hope they remember every word of advice and encouragement to get them through touch choices they will have to make! Organization Name: Franklin-SImpson High School, Sandy Mefford
4/29/15 | 10:28
One heck of a nice guy! Thanks for all you do to inspire so many. -John Hamlin, Texas
3/24/15 | 12:02
Your rousing speeches bring people together. Thank you for spreading, teaching, and modeling L-O-V-E! - Frank Aden
1/28/15 | 3:00
Adolph is really a "Sit-down" comic with humor, positive energy, enthusiasm and an ability to relate. His passion comes through. Melissa Carmen
1/15/15 | 6:12