Dr. Adolph Brown is brilliant at facilitating small breakout sessions to focus on particular topics. In addition, he educates by giving the tools and confidence needed to a make positive change.

Workshop (session)- educational, classroom-type session, usually with handouts or workbooks. Could be as long as several days using more audience participation and experiential exercises and project assignments.

(Most Presentations have Parts II & III involving more In-depth Coverage and Exploration of Topics)

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Dancing Through The Storms

Dancing Through The Storms™

Life’s not about waiting for your storms to pass, but rather learning how to dance in the rain. It is so easy to want to just “stay inside” and hide from our storms. We must take each storm as it comes our way and allow the water to nourish us. Before you know it, the storm has passed and the sun is shining once again…Sometimes a rainbow even appears.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this program the attendees will gain the following:

1.  Learn how to put on your raincoat of “survival” during life’s tests and trials… learning to laugh again and attempting to balance sadness while finding joy in life.

2.  Learn how to adjust your attitude towards life’s “rainy days” and gain new insights for your journey.


Organizations and corporations experiencing change, change-management, uncertain times, or unexpected grief and trauma
Drama in the workplace

"DRAMA" in the Workplace

What's a NON-Drama Queen/King to Do?
(Inspired by Doc's balcony colleague Gail Guillard)

Ever notice that when you're around negativity, it has a tendency to pull you down, too? Drama in the workplace can disrupt the environment, interfere with getting the work done in a quality way, and even effect your customers.  Complaining, gossip, whining, conflict, sabotage, rumors, negativity...  When there's lots of drama it can be hard to ignore!

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this program the attendees will gain the following:

1. This presentation will address common forms of workplace drama.

2. A focus on how one can help cut off workplace drama, steer it another direction, prevent it or at least not allow it to pull you down, while keeping your relationships with co-workers intact.