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Parenting and teaching are among the most important jobs in the world.  This provides both  "A Celebration & An Education for Parenting.™"  Time is created to recognize, uplift, and support the role of parents in the rearing of children. As our nation faces the effects of family breakdown, youth violence, teen pregnancy and a host of other critical problems, this lecture re-examines our priorities and fundamental values. There is no more important calling than that of nurturing and rearing a child.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this program the attendees will gain the following:

  1. Through the power of true stories, anecdotes, and research, the audience will be reminded of the enormous impact that parents have to provide a super solid foundation for life.
  2. Participants will be invigorated as they build and/or maintian positive relationships with schools (teachers & administrators), while vehemently supporting school expectations.
Parents, Guardians, Grandparents, & Foster Care Providers