Embracing Diversity & Equity Training - Appreciation for Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace Speakers for Inservice Staff Professional Development Training for Businesses, Colleges & Schools

Newtown Elementary School Dr Adolph Brown

"Moving From Will To Skill!  Embracing Diversity & Equity in the Workplace Training That Works!™" with Dr. Adolph Brown & his third grade teacher, Mrs. Susan Tolley (Often facilitated for corporations, schools & small businesses) reminds us all of the importance of " deliberate relationships" in businesses, schools, and in our communities.  Just as we all bring our talents to work with us, we also bring our life experiences. These Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace Diversity Speakers are unlike any other as they demonstrate firsthand how successful Diversity in the Workplace can be for schools and businesses alike,  This presentation focuses on "The Appreciation for Diversity" and "double-standards" are not presented and new ways for individuals to be offended are not offered.  The mission is to help create positive diversity in the workplace environment for ALL.  


"Teachers Really Do Make a Positive Difference!™" (Often faciliated for educators, school districts, & DOD programs) acknowledges and recognizes the fact that teachers at all grade levels just want to know they make a difference. In this presentation, they see it firsthand as these education speakers engage your staff on your Opening Day of School, Teacher Professional Development,  Staff Development, Opening Convocation, Teacher In-service, or Back to School In-service.

Doc & Susan TolleyDr. Brown and his third grade teacher, Mrs. Susan Tolley encourage, celebrate, and inspire teachers by demonstrating what good teachers do in "the best of worlds." Budget shortfalls, cuts, and restraints can contribute to low productivity, poor morale, and loss of focus on what's importance - making a positive difference in the lives of students. Doc & Mrs. Tolley remind educators of their most important role of ensuring successful student outcomes and achievement, while working in environments of budgetary decline and uncertainty.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this program the attendees will gain the following:

  1. Revive their passion for relationship-building and moving beyond "sensitivity" to "an understanding."
  2. Recognize "blindspots" and become more creative in less resourceful times.
Corporations, DOD Schools, School Administrators, Teachers, School Counselors, all School Staff & Personnel, & Small Businesses