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School IMPROVEMENT PARTNERSprovides a data-driven, research-based framework consultation for defining goals and objectives for improving student learning and for selecting and implementing strategies to improve the instructional and organizational effectiveness of every partner school and/or Priority Schools or Turnaround Schools.  See students achieve!  See test scores rise!  Assurance that your students are getting a top-notch education measure by results, and not by processes.  Build Professional Learning Communities!

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SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PARTNERS  is an education and leadership consulting firm comprised of the best Educational Leaders & Education Speakers who will be your school improvement and student achievement partner. As some of our nation's Best Education Speakers & Leaders, we encourage and support continuous improvement, school turnaround, school improvement, and student achievement in the teaching profession.  By offering education speakers for training, consultation, and professional development, we assist new teachers to become good teachers and accepting already good teachers and making them great teachers. We understand that "research based" does not necessarily mean good, or best for a certain situation, great, effective, or proven over time. There are countless powerful, important, innovative, effective, and often times transformative pedagogies that are NOT research based. Good teaching isn't about technique or strategy! Although many teachers around the world have described good teachers in varying degrees of technique and strategy, ALL teachers describe good teachers as having some sort of connective capacity...teachers who connect themselves to their students, their students to each other, and everyone to the subject being studied.  Our Head & Heart™ Pedagogy distinguishes our team from all others...

What Does The Good Teacher Look Like? What Does The Good Principal Look Like? — Mrs. Susan Tolley -Retired Teacher, School Principal, and Employee Relations Specialist

Good Teachers & Good Principals:

  • *have a sense of purpose
  • *have expectations of success for all students
  • *tolerate ambiguity
  • *demonstrate a willingness to adapt and change to meet student needs
  • *are comfortable with not knowing
  • *reflect on their work
  • *learn from a variety of models
  • *enjoy their work and their students

Perfect For Parents, Students, One Identified Teacher/Student/Parent or Your Entire Faculty!


The Student Whisper — Dr. Adolph Brown - Master Teacher, Former Tenured Full Professor, Department Chairperson, & Graduate College Dean

Dr Adolph Brown III

Effectively Engaging The Head & Heart:

  • Closing The Inspiration Gap
  • Student Achievement/ Leadership Assemblies
  • Creating High Expectations For All Involved
  • Parent YOU-niversity
  • From The Cradle to College
  • Parent Power Nights
  • Small Student Focus Groups
  • Parent Engagement - Home Visiting
  • Importance of Self-Efficacy in Education
  • Classroom Management That Works for Today's Students
  • Differentiated Learning Strategies

Doc Assists Tennessee Public Schools RACE TO THE TOP


What Makes A Good Administrator & What Teachers Need From Administrators. — Dr. Brian Ratliff, Public School Superintendent

  • Great principals take responsibility for school success.
  • Great principals lead teaching and learning.
  • Great principals hire, develop and retain excellent teachers.
  • Great principals build strong professional learning communities.

Implementation Follow-Up & Review Days Included!



The AP Max System of 'The Interactive Village" of Educational Monitoring & "Real Time" Tracking — Dr. Harold Marioneaux

  • Engage an "Interactive Village" of student stakeholders - i.e parent(s), guardian(s), coaches, mentors, educators, counselors, administrators, etc.
  • Elevate student achievement
  • Improve student academic performance
  • Raise grades & standardized test scores
  • Increase time management skills
  • Create student self-efficacy with feedback on the mastery of subsequent challenging tasks and easy tasks
  • Assess student progress, target deficiencies and address problem areas immediately

'We care too much about turning attitudes around REGARDING Educational Excellence that we could NEVER  turn our backs!"

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