Dr. Adolph Brown has a gift to reach people and can successfully incorporate and convey the goals and objectives of any organization or conference in his keynote address.

Keynote-originally meant the fundamental point of a speech, today refers to the main speech or featured spots at a meeting, to the entire convention in the main room.

(Most Presentations have Parts II & III involving more In-depth Coverage and Exploration of Topics)

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Family and Community Engagement CALL TO ACTION! Bringing It All Together!

Dr. Brown delivers high energy and high content student assemblies, parent/community engagement seminars, and teacher professional development designed to help all disadvantaged children reach rigorous state academic standards expected for all children.  Dr. Brown’s evidence-based and scientifically proven instructional strategies delivered in a singular manner enhances parent involvement, improves curriculum, and provides many time-tested strategies tied to raising student achievement.

At the conclusion of this program the attendees will gain the following:

  1. School districts will meet or exceed accountability requirements for raising student performance.
  2. School districts will close the achievement gap between high- and low- performing children, especially the gaps between minority and nonminority students, and between disadvantaged and their more advantaged peers.
Title 1 Schools, Title 1 Programs, Title 1 Program Administrators, Students, Parents, & Community

Students Under STRESS - Trauma-Sensitive Schools & Trauma-informed Teaching

Backed by brain research, Dr. Brown addresses the effect of severe trauma on the health and achievement of their students.  SchoolsParticipants will  learn to respond to an enormous body of research about how children’s brains adapt to complex trauma, defined as multiple traumas including physical or sexual abuse, abandonment, and domestic and neighborhood violence.

The trainings ask teachers and staff to look at how their tone may contribute, knowingly or unknowingly, to potentially volatile or combative interactions with traumatized youth.

1. Teachers are being trained to recognize that students’ explosive anger, classroom outbursts, habitual withdrawal and self-injurious behaviors could be symptoms of traumatic stress, the result of repeated exposure to violence, abuse and neglect.

2. Provide teachers with the science and skills to better manage traumatized students in the classroom, an approach known as “trauma-informed” or “trauma-sensitive” teaching. 

Teachers, School Counselors, School Administrators, Education Staff, Parents, Community Stakeholders

Culturally Responsive Teaching & Reaching: Theory, Research, Practice, & Personal Development

Dr. Brown engagingly takes the audience on a journey of laughter and learning as he explains ways to use culturally responsive teaching to reach underachieving students of color.  This session will recognize the importance of including students’ cultural references in all aspects of learning, enriching classroom experiences and keeping students engaged.

1. Transcend our own personal cultural biases and preferences to establish and develop patterns for learning and communicating that engage and sustain student participation and achievement.

2. Improve the school performance of underachieving students of color.

ALL Education Professionals & Paraprofessionals

Bullying Can Be Stopped. Parts I & II

As many teachers are concerned about about bullying in the classroom, many don’t know how to effectively intervene and prevent it, according to data collected by the National Education Association (NEA). Dr. Adolph Brown will provide a toolkit designed to assist classroom teachers with  perceptions, knowledge and skills to intervene in bullying behavior and to de-escalate threatening behaviors at school. 

It includes two parts:
Part One:
“Understanding, Recognizing, and Intervening in Bullying Behavior."
Part Two:
 “Creating a Supportive & Safe Classroom Climate.”
ALL school personnel