Dr. Adolph Brown has a gift to reach people and can successfully incorporate and convey the goals and objectives of any organization or conference in his keynote address.

Keynote-originally meant the fundamental point of a speech, today refers to the main speech or featured spots at a meeting, to the entire convention in the main room.

(Most Presentations have Parts II & III involving more In-depth Coverage and Exploration of Topics)

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Ready, Set, GO TO College!™ - Getting In, Fitting In & Staying In!

This engaging and informing presentation addresses the nuances of college-life and thereafter.  Focus is placed on the essential soft skills required to have a healthy and happy college experience.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this program the attendees will gain the following:

1.  Students will gain the Championship Habits necessary to compete, collaborate and cooperate in the college setting.

2.  Students will have inspiration and information to rely upon in challenging college situations.

Middle & High Schoolers

Culturally Responsive Teaching & Reaching: Theory, Research, Practice, Personal Development

Dr. Brown engagingly takes the audience on a journey of laughter and learning as he explains ways to use culturally responsive teaching to reach underachieving students of color.  This session will recognize the importance of including students’ cultural references in all aspects of learning, enriching classroom experiences and keeping students engaged.

1. Transcend our own personal cultural biases and preferences to establish and develop patterns for learning and communicating that engage and sustain student participation and achievement.

2. Improve the school performance of underachieving students of color.

ALL Education Professionals & Paraprofessionals

TRIO Program Speakers & AVID Guest Speaker..."COLLEGE Time!"™

Doc was the first in his low-income and inner-city family to graduate from high school and college.  He understands the unique and inherent challenges of these upwardly mobile transitions both as a former AVID program student, as a university faculty mentor of TRIO programs participants, and now as one of the most frequently invited TRIO Program Speakers & AVID Program Guest Speaker.   Doc also explores the hidden trials and potential triumphs as students progress through the academic pipeline from middle school through college.  

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this program the attendees will gain the following:

1.  Motivation, inspiration, knowledge, and skills to successfully navigate academic and personal challenges.

2.  Real-life lessons on the importance of maintaining or acquiring prosocial behaviors, strong work ethic, good character, positive attitude, and faith as one progresses through life. 

The following programs: AVID, Upward Bound, Educational Talent Search, & McNair Scholars