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As a notable scholar and leading practitoner in the field, Dr. Adolph Brown is an evidence-based intervention. Uniquely trained as a researcher and practitioner, Dr. Adolph Brown bridges basic research motivated by intellectual interest concerned with knowledge for its own sake with application of methods directed toward solving immediate and practical problems.

Dr. Adolph Brown is more than fanfare as being able to produce dramatic results.  His strategies have been shown to yield positive and lasting change over time. He believes that people gain more from a proactive posture than from a reactive one.  His philosophy of consultation and training is grounded in his belief that “practice guided by rigorous evidence can produce remarkable advances.”   Dr. Adolph Brown’s services have been shown to help revitalize business character, strengthen the global competitiveness of corporations, heighten creativity and innovation, improve the quality of services produced by companies worldwide, and increase the responsiveness of organizations to the needs and wants of customers and constituents. 

Many agree that when you use Dr. Adolph Brown’s services, you will achieve the results you want and everyone in your organization will be there to help you along the way. 


Dr. Brown has uniqueness in 4 areas:

1. Dr. Brown gets a bead on all of his audiences beforehand and during presentations.

2. Dr. Brown offers a unique and balanced view of audience problems, challenges, and dilemmas.

3. Dr. Brown will simultaneously articulate the predicament while demonstrating deep and effective solutions.

4. Dr. Brown's presentations are memorable, not just because he is engaging, but also because he is fun, theatrical, unpredictable and singular.


sole_service.jpgDr. Adolph Brown's services are performed in a manner for which no other product or source of services exist. The content, character, and delivery of DOCSPEAKS are ONLY available from Dr. Adolph Brown. Alternative sources are not available.