Sign-on for the Balcony People Negativity Cleanse™

Become more positive by being aware of yourself & surroundings (what you think, say, listen to, and who you are around).

Balcony Band

S.N.A.P. I.T.™

Researchers have found the following strategies effectively promote & sustain positivity when performed daily



S: Stop negative thought processes by snapping your Balcony Band™.

N: Now replace negativity with positivity using statements of gratitude & deeply breathe inhaling positivity and exhaling negativity.

A: Associate with others who bring out the BEST in you and not the STRESS in you, while being mindful of media (news, t.v., movies, music, books, etc.) that does the same.

P: Pray without ceasing (including forgiveness) for yourself & others.

I: Innercise by taking time daily just to lie down & positively reflect.

T: Take a minimum of 5 minutes everyday to simplify your life by cleansing your mind and your workspace.

Doc Brown

*Caution: The Balcony Negativity Cleanse™ promotes positivity, joy, and peace by encouraging all to OWN their unique emotions, thoughts, and feelings.  Don't blame negative thoughts and emotions on other people.

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