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Pathways to Excellence Coaches’ Institute™ (PECI)

The Pathways to Excellence Coaches’ Institute™ is an educator professional development program that motivates and innovates the academic experience for professionals and students alike.

PECI™ offers educators and students a practical, hands-on guide for cultivating, establishing and maintaining relationships at all levels. Dr. Brown as an AVID first generation high school and college graduate, and colleagues (Student Success/ Gear Up Coaches, AVID Program Guest Speakers, & TRIO Program Presenters) train and support educators of ALL students with long-term strategies of retaining passionate and dedicated professionals and students. PECI™ fosters high quality relationships among teachers, students, parents and community and examines examples of positive outcomes of the Pathway to Excellence Coach.  

Our data-driven evidenced based strategies and techniques have shown that trained Pathway to Excellence Coaches have improved academic achievement, higher student graduation rates, lower student drop-out rates, and greater career satisfaction than national averages.  Participants travel to Virginia Beach, Virginia where they undergo a one-day experiential learning experience and acquire tools, resources and skills to reach & teach every faculty and student.

Four Overarching Themes

  1. A Framework for Intentionally Engaging All Students
  2. Really Increasing Parental Engagement
  3. Sustaining Professional Learning Communities
  4. Establishing Trust, Maintaining Trust, & Repairing Damaged Trust

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Winter PECI
Friday February 19, 2016
Virginia Beach, VA
Location: Virginia Beach Town Center

Spring PECI
Friday April 22, 2016
Virginia Beach, VA
Location: Virginia Beach Town Center

Summer PECI
Friday June 10, 2016
Virginia Beach, VA
Location: Virginia Beach Town Center

Friday October 14, 2016
Virginia Beach, VA
Location: Virginia Beach Town Center


Costs: $1,200.00 USD

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