Doc's CV

Dr. Adolph Brown Master Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Theorist and Practitioner

  • As an Educator, Dr. Brown is an Instructional Leader
  • As a Businesses Owner, Dr. Brown is a Visionary Leader
  • As a Former High-Risk Student, Dr. Brown is a Character Leader
  • As a Community Member, Dr. Brown is a Servant Leader
  • As a Family Man, Dr. Brown is a Spiritual Leader

 And...NO EXCUSES LEADERS always leave things
better than they found them!

Dr. Adolph Brown's list of accomplishments is long, but the path to his life's work wasn't easy. Dr. Adolph "Doc" Brown is an internationally recognized Real-World Business Leadership & Educational Excellence authority and master teacher, his humble beginnings and down-to-earth moniker allows him to do more than talk and communicate – Doc touches and connects.  As a former Head Start student and first generation high school graduate of a single parent mother reared in the poverty of housing projects, Doc has risen to international prominence as a much sought-after speaker for awakening youth/student groups, inspiring teachers/school administrators, revitalizing community colleges/universities, enlightening parents/child welfare organizations, encouraging faith groups, and motivating small businesses/large corporations.   His content may vary, but Doc’s engaging, humorous, and evidence-based delivery does not.  He is one of the few presenters who is capable of effortlessly navigating all audiences due to his varied life and business experiences coupled with having been an effective professional educator on ALL levels and in most component areas - eventually becoming one of the youngest tenured university professors in the United States at 29 years old.  He also built a multi-million corporation from his kitchen table.  Doc's consultation fees are all-inclusive of all travel expenses for Doc and his production team. However, of utmost importance to Doc and his entire staff is the establishment of a million dollars scholarship endowment for hardworking young people, whereby Doc contributes 1/3 of all consultation fees to its development.  

"Doc is a seasoned profesional & Marquee Speaker with over 25 years of infusing EXCELLENCE into the lives of others and helping people and situations be better than how he found them."

Business Leadership Development

Adolph learned to address challenges and solve problems through work. As a projects manager he was often engaged in self-directed learning and professional growth. He is most proud of his abilities to develop people and leaders with championship habits or the skill sets required to be successful in a global economy.  His book by the same name Championship Habits has been adopted by over 300 schools, corporations, and small businesses.

Leadership DevelopmentAdolph was hired as a Project Manager for Sentara Health Systems whereby he facilitated the conceptualization and development of a state of the art Health and Wellness Center. The experience gained from this endeavor led Adolph (founder) and his wife, Marla (owner) to develop an innovative answer to the gaps in the delivery and provision of wellness services ranging from therapeutic massage, psychotherapy, fitness gym, Pilates, kickboxing and karate instruction, nutritional instruction, meditation, and academic programming under one roof known by members as Ringside Fitness & Wellness Club & The Child & Family Wellness Centers (  Many credit Adolph for operationalizing the term "wellness" in the late eighties.

Adolph was also selected and funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention in Washington, D.C. to be one of the first mental health experts involved in the instrumentation and design of an assessment screen to appropriately identify and discern youth with mental health issues from those with behavioral challenges in U.S. court systems. This screen later became a federal mandate for all juvenile courts throughout the nation, once bearing the name of its originator, the "Brown" Assessment Screen.

Adolph also sits on myriad local and national boards and advisory panels addressing diverse constituencies. He was the President of the Virginia Association of Black Psychologists, Virginia Head Start Association President, and Youth Co-Chair with retired General Colin Powell for America's Promise Alliance for Youth (sharing platforms with all living Presidents and first ladies Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, and Hillary Clinton.) Adolph has received several Ceremonial Keys to the City of various locales as an honor bestowed upon esteemed members of society for serving in exceptional capacity. He has also received Freedom of the City Keys from several countries. He was presented with the Arkansas Traveler Honor by the Governor of Arkansas.

Adolph also knows how a winning attitude can lead to peak mental function that radically improves sporting performance. He has successfully coached U.S. and world kickboxing and track & field champions. Adolph was awarded the rank of kyoshi (professor capable of teaching the philosophy of the martial arts) in Karate-Do and was an All-Eastern Collegiate pole-vaulter. The above-referenced helped Doc become one of the most sought after top Corporate & Business Motivational Speakers in our nation.

Dr. Adolph Brown is now the Chief Executive Officer of The Business & Education Leadership Authority. (

Educational Excellence 

Adolph is a recognized Master Teacher who has mastered how to manage the classroom and accelerate, in virtually all students, their ability to read, write, speak, focus, organize information, and succeed academically – regardless of special learning challenges, learning style, or age. Adolph is a trained anthropologist (holistic study of humanity) and clinical & educational psychologist. Doc presently enjoys substitute teaching between his seminar and lecture schedule.

Doc GraduationDoc has taught in public education at both the middle and high school levels, as well as in higher education. He also has educational leadership qualifications for secondary and post secondary education.  Adolph began his higher education teaching career at the College of William and Mary as a graduate teaching assistant to the late Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Mario Zamora. He then excelled as an adjunct professor at Tidewater Community College and nowadays a "Student Success" consultant for Community Colleges around the country.  After which, he was hired by Hampton University, an elite private Historically Black College and University (HBCU), as an Assistant Professor of Psychology/Education. He was later promoted to Associate Professor with tenure and several years later was promoted to a Full Professor. Since joining the Psychology and Psychology/Education faculty at Hampton University, Dr. Adolph Brown, III has taught virtually every course in the psychology/education curriculum, ranging from his favorites...Statistics and Research Methods to the more clinically-focused and applied courses. He has served the department for more than a decade as an assistant professor, interim chairperson, associate professor, a tenured full professor, and department chairman. After resigning from the chair's position for two years and devoting time to teaching, public speaking, and research, he was called to return to the chair's position for a second time. Whereby under his leadership the department grew to become the number one producer of African-American baccalaureates in Psychology and Psychology/Education in the country. As a result of Dr. Brown's initiatives, business and community relationships with the Department, the enrollment has almost doubled since the mid nineties. Dr. Adolph Brown was tapped and served as the Dean of the Graduate College prior to his sabbatical from higher education. Dr. Brown was also chosen to be a "Scholar in Residence" at NYU to further his research pursuits. He is an accomplished author of numerous publications and books. His book titled REAL TALK is an educator and parent favorite.  He has been the recipient of more than 300 honors and awards including the E.L. Hamm Distinguished Teaching Award, Honorary Man of Tomorrow, Service Learning Fellow, and Who's Who Among College and University Professors. Adolph recently was selected by the Board of Trustees from a pool of 27 candidates for the role of college president of a small college in Virginia. Adolph graciously declined due to concerns arising from his young daughter Dana's medical condition.  The aforementioned helped create Doc's keen abilities and gifts as one of our nation's best K-12 Education Speakers.

Student Achievement

As a child his father left him. Adolph rose from Head Start, welfare and the inner-city streets with a single-parent mother and four siblings (oldest brother was killed when Adolph was eleven) to being the first of his siblings to graduate high school and attend college.  Often described by others as an "At-Risk" youth, Adolph is a God-pleasing man who truly inspires and motivates parents (as a father of a very large family) and students (public school, independent districts, and university) to truly become the best that they can become.

Student Achievement Adolph's family struggled, but his mother, aunt, uncle, and grandfather had more hope than ever before. Adolph worked as hard as he could in school and worked numerous part-time jobs to help his family. As Adolph and his family worked harder, their situation began to get better. They were able to find a safer place to live and Adolph was starting to enjoy life. He found a second home at his local YMCA.  Following a solid emotional and social foundation as a Head Start student, Adolph continued to do well in school and other areas of his life. He became an accomplished amateur boxer, martial artist and pole-vaulter.  His success impressed his teachers and many began to assist Adolph on his journey. In 1987, Adolph became the first high school graduate in his family and in 1991 he graduated from the College of William and Mary with degrees in Psychology and Anthropology, attended a master's degree program in 1992 at the College of William and Mary, and graduated with a doctorate in 1996 from the Virginia Consortium for Professional Psychology.  

Dr Adolph Brown IIIAdolph's story may be different from your own, but he demonstrates that your current circumstances cannot prevent you from where you want to be in the future. Learn much more about Adolph's story in his children's book titled It's Gonna Be A Great Day! Doc's Story.  I recommend you research more about him to see why he is the most sought-after youth & adult motivational speaker today.  He loves the opportunity to publicly thank the programs that helped him as a YMCA keynote speaker, an AVID keynote speaker, a public education speaker,  and a higher education speaker.

Check out Television Talk Show Host of REAL TALK LIVE with Dr. Adolph Brown here.

He and his wife consider their greatest accomplishment to be the parents of seven awesome and fun children (ALL educated in public schools)...4 college graduates (a professional music recording engineer, a public health professional, an early childhood development director and a business analyst), 1 college freshman and 3 high schoolers.